Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I have got my act together, right at the last minute - it must be said - and signed up for this Crafty Swap!
I do hope you all are joining in too -
it will be fun seeing all the crafty ideas, of who does what, where and when!
Cant wait to see who I am swapped with!

Monday, 28 April 2008


Hi, hope you all had a good weekend!
My hands are not too good today (I have a problem with numbness, just something I have to live with!) so - lots of pics, but not too hot on the typing I am afraid - see how I go on. If its short and sweet you know why - its not that I don't love you any more!
First things first - Saturday morning a Lovely little gift from Twiggypeasticks! so unexpected and exciting - even a special little bookmark created by Twiglet!
So very kind! Lots of goodies from Twiggy - just the right colour for my 'Primitive' type crafts. Thank You so much Twiggy!
As you can see the bookmark is in good use with the present Bedtime reading. Something Hubby P found for me in the Charity shop (he does all his shopping there!). The Author is American and I think this version was altered slightly for the English market, first published in 1963! Entertaining and an insight into attitudes of 'keeping Hubby happy' (a good laugh!)and society in general.

Just thought the fresh yellow of these Marsh Marigolds were nice and cheery in this miserable rain!
At least the fish don't mind the rain!

This is probably why my hands are not so hot! Too much gardening - even in the drizzle!

Following on from the theme of rising food prices, and me banging on about how we should grow as much of our own veg as possible - Hubby P just happened to mention we could grow salad-y things in window boxes! Well! - not a girl to let the grass grow under her feet - I had to have them - like now!! And I knew he had some ideal wood (salvaged from some old pallets) in the shed, so rain or not we set to.

As you can see we (well - I did a lot of holding screws and pointing! -site supervisor!) managed to make 3 window boxes out of the wood we had. I stained them, Hubby P put them up, and I filled them with compost and sowed them with mixed Salad Leaves, Spring Onions, Rocket, baby Carrots and a few nasturtiums.

We just need a bit of sun now - I am hoping they grow well in the black boxes (they should hold the heat) - it will be a bit like a self serve salad bar!!
Its amazing what Hubby P has made from odds and sods of recycled wood over the years, we started off as a couple with 4 ready made children and no money! Needs must then, but now its become a way of life and apparently very 'Green' - about the only thing I am in fashion with!!

I managed to put up a wigwam of sticks and get my Runner Beans in - we always seem to do well with beans - at the end of summer I begin to think I never want to see another bean! I pickled some last year - they were nice for a change with salad.
Bit of Crafting news!
Here are some little padded Hearts made from the scraps of fabric leftover from the 'Primitive' Bags. I think they look quite pretty - a change from the usual floral fabric I would perhaps use for this sort of thing.
This on has a hand embroidered Willow Tree - I quite like the Tree effect.

And a couple more!
I think I will try them on Etsy, it will be nice to find a new home for them!

Ta Ta for now!
N.B. just a word about the Bramble Port - I forgot to mention in the last Post - dont wash the Blackberries! You can pick them over removing any stalks and other undesirables - but you need the natural fruit yeasts to ferment the Port.

Thursday, 24 April 2008


Lucky, lucky Me! A lovely Award from Twiggy, at The World of Twiggypeasticks - Thank you so much!
Its nice to know there are those of you who read - and enjoy? my witterings.
I think I can now pass this on to others with interesting Blogs that brighten my day! There are so many - I will have a think and get back to you on that.
Anyone else get a huge shock when they got to the supermarket checkout this week? The cost of my weekly shop must of gone up by nearly £8!
Time to take stock I thought - get into the thrifty mindset of my Gran, and all she taught me. Nothing is new - what goes around comes around. I can remember when food was relatively expensive - a large portion of the weekly wage went on food - chicken was a luxury, a weekend roast ( and you used every scrap!).
I do think this is only the beginning and prices are going to go up and up. News in the paper says the US is rationing rice to the wholesale merchants, whats next!
Needless to say I thought I ought to go through my cupboards and be more organised with this whole food/meals thing - I have got so lazy - looking in the cupboards I have all the beans pulses and other wholesome things, to make good nourishing thrifty meals - its just sometimes easier to buy a ready cooked chicken from Tesco!
Feeling all 'Green' and virtuous I started going through the cupboards - it took me most of the day!
Its sad but I just loved arranging all the jars of beans and pulses - such colours and textures!

I even got as far as sorting out my pan cupboard - polish Halo!!

And best of all!!!!!!!!! along with all the out of date tins - I found this! Right at the back of a cupboard, a little dusty, but 'the real thing'!
Has anyone else made Bramble Port - it is soooooooooo delicious!
This was dates 2004 - so nice and mature. It tastes like warm slightly spicy juicy blackberries, and warms your tummy in the nicest possible way!

I decanted it (out of the dusty old bottle ) into a more gracious and fitting decanter, we all 'tested' it - just to make sure it was Ok for other people of course! - extensive tests!!

I think it may need further 'testing' this evening!
And roll on autumn so I can make some more, it is the easiest thing to make. Basically pick your Blackberries and layer them with sugar in a bucket, cover loosely, and leave the fruit to ferment. After fermentation ( when it has stopped bubbling and frothing) strain, put fruit mush on compost ( not to chickens - although they like it and its the funniest thing - a drunk chicken! But seriously, not a nice thing to do.) Bottle the juice and leave to mature for a few weeks/years! The longer the better.
It is like a heavy sweet sherry/but blackberry-ish!

Ta Ta for now xxx

Monday, 21 April 2008


The sun is shining and its a joy to be out in the garden! This little flower greeted me today, I must say I think it is one of the most precious flowers I have in my little piece of earth!

The photo is not terribly good, but what I am trying to show you is this little 'Lady Smock' flower. I have only this one small clump in an old belfast sink water garden, I treasure it - for the memories it brings each spring.
When I was a girl, growing up in Lancashire, this flower grew in great swathes in the damp springing turf of the moorland. We gathered it in great handfuls as we ran wild - no worries then of being abducted or lost. No matter where we 'adventured' someone , usually some farmer (someones Dad) had seen us, we grew up safe and strong. The flowers of my younger days hold strong fond memories for me. I believe this Lady Smock is now an endangered species, such a shame, so dainty and pretty!
I managed to get the 'Primitive' style bags finished, I really enjoyed having a go at something different. I just hope the lady at the shop ( Lynne at Patchwork Island) likes them. One features a Sheep design, and one a Willow Tree, these are designs familiar to an area in the U States, Pennsylvania I think. They are given the descriptive name of 'Primitive'.

I made a couple of little (with no padding) bags - possibly little gift bags or similar. They were just run up from bits and pieces of fabric that I had left over. No doubt they will find a use/home somewhere!

Just a little pic of the vegetable beds, I think it looks so pretty with the big/tall spires of yellow flowers - its the 'pac choi' gone to flower - and I suppose seed is on its way! Not I suppose very correct - gardening wise! But it looks pretty and we are still eating the leaves.

Not to be out done by Lucy Locket - she has been posting pics of her Allotment soil - Very sexy soil, but soil all the same - so here is some of mine!!
Admittedly its in tubs, but hopefully it will grow wonderful vegetables in the tubs - potatoes, peas, broad beans and lots of other goodies!

Ooops got the photos and text
a bit mixed up - but you get the gist of it!

Ta Ta for now xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


What a glorious day today! Surely spring must be on its way! I took the opportunity to do bits of mending and wash the vintage goodies I found at the weekend. Much to my luck a lady had emptied her mothers cupboard and was doing a car boot to try and make a few pennies! I found lots of old pinnies (aprons!) and beautiful green Afternoon Tea tablecloths. All in remarkably good condition for their age.
I have been trying to take some photos of them - well I cant keep them all! - so I shall Ebay them, or maybe try them in the vintage section of Etsy. I have a terrible problem when selling - I don't just want to sell them, I want to re-home them with nice people who will appreciate their vintage-ness, wonderful age, history and often uniqueness - Is that Sad!
Here are some of the pinnies on the washing line - Oh! if only every wash day looked like this - its more like ink stained work trousers and holey knickers!!
I particularly like this one, I love the purple and mauve colours - may just have to keep this one!

Its hard to show the tablecloths in all their prettyness, but can you see the refreshing green satiny colour. One is wholly green satin cotton with a kind of paisley design, and the other id white with a broad green border.

A more unusual find that some of you Paper craft people might be interested in! I think it dates from the1950/60s from the packaging. I know its only crepe paper but the vintage-y feel and look of the packaging appealed to me. I bought the whole lot! - what I will do with all of it I don't quite know! But its pretty - maybe try some on Ebay, share it around a bit. Unfortunately there were only two colours, a blue (Sapphire) and a nice green, but the colours are as bright and fresh as ever.
On the back of the packaging it 'talks' of making blinds for windows using wire, and decorating shelves and dressing windows, and of course making wonderful Christmas decorations!
Another time - another era!

I just couldn't resist this - Hubby just raised his eyebrows! (cant turn the picture round - sorry)
Remember when you were a child, and it rained - all those little old ladies getting out their plastic concertinaed little rain hoods! They all had them, tucked away in their handbags - must protect the perm!
I bought two of these - so I could share one, there must be someone out there, who like me gets excited about this sort of thing! I have mine on display - just brings fond memories I suppose.
It amazes me that something like these rain hoods were so 'everyday' and taken for granted, yet now very rarely seen.
I know - I know I am very Sad!!

Back to the crafty side of things - just finishing another Toadstool fantasy, this is a Little pillow/pincushion. I think I am getting the Toadstool thing out of my system - ready to move on to something a bit different.
This will probably end up on Etsy, or in the 'Present Box'- how many other people have such a thing as a Emergency Present Box?

I had a nice visit yesterday to a new shop in a local village - it opened up a whole new world to me! The shop is called Patchwork Island ( and a nice lady - Lynne, stocks all this nice ( different for me anyway) 'Primitive' ware. I think she mostly imports it from America, I would think some of you know all about it - a lot of it is Patchwork type things - but it was a refreshing change for me to druel over different crafty things.
Anyway - talking to Lynne, as you do about crafting and whatnot, she suggested I make up some bags - in this Primitive style, so I thought I would give it a go.
I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on this - anyone who collects this sort of thing!
This is what I have started - its Sheep and Willow ( some of the typical designs used). I will keep you posted on this, lets hope its not a total disaster!
Take a look at the shops web site - she has some nice things!

Ta Ta for now! Back out to the sunshine!

Friday, 11 April 2008


Look what greeted me this morning - all pretty and pink!
This is my wonderful PIF gift from Josie at

I knew she made Pegbags - Oh what wonderfully pretty pegbags, I am so thrilled - Thankyou Josie Ssoo much! Of course it is far too pretty for mere pegs - and it might get grubby if its taken outside, so I think I might keep my Vintage lace in it, hang it somewhere where it can look pretty!
And the little heart pomander smells Davine - now we know what you did with all that scrummy lavender you grew last year. I do so love lavender - its so Lavender and Lace-y if you know what I mean.
I have put the pretty little watering can amongst my orchids - so cute, You really have spoiled me!

Phew - what a day! - before I even start my daily doings!
The sun was shining - a bit so I thought I would take the camera with me as I did my outside chores, the garden is awakening and profusion of the different shades of green always refreshes my senses.

This is my little outdoors fireplace I built it from some random stone we had lying around, I banked the soil up around the back, so the big garden bed backs right on to it. It is part of a sort of sunken circle in which I have my lounger - in summer - to sit in the sun, and in the evening we can light the fire and enjoy a glass of wine, toasting our toes!
We had a little fire to Bring in the New Year - we needed coats on as well but it was a nice quiet, special time to share with my loved one.
On an ordinary boring day I use the fireplace (as today) to burn all the stuff that can't go in the Recycling - old bank statements, anything with addresses on and whatnot. It seems its so easy to get caught out and ripped off with these fraudsters. Only last week someone had a free holiday on Hubbys credit card - somehow they had used his details to book a holiday - He nearly fell off his chair when he saw his Statement (Quite funny really! - him having a rant! - and the air was blue!). Its sorted now and he got his money back, but it just shows how easy it is. So needless to say I am more vigilant than ever - many bonfires!!

This purple broccoli is almost too pretty to eat, and I love the baby blue of the Forget me Nots!

The first Bluebells in a damp woody part of the garden - I always think there is something magical about them - truly faerie flowers!
Meet the 'Ladies' a motley crew of misfits! Who eat me out of house and home!

We have a gang of seven at the moment, they come to us from allsorts of people and places, some have just wandered into the garden, or been an unwanted nuisance.
They live happily (I think!) with us - producing an egg when they are in the mood! Untill they fall off their perch - literally and we bury them in the garden. Not a bad life! If they have any worries its got to be - not getting enough Chinese Take-a-ways ! They absolutely love Chinese food! ( maybe its all the additives - I've just thought Hyperactive Chickens!!)

They have 'obliged' with a few eggs today!

Thursday, 10 April 2008


I picked the winners of the 'Pay It Forward' out of a hat on Wednesday ~ sorry I'm a a bit late posting the winners, I am just having a bit of trouble with my hands ( an on going problem that comes and goes - more a nuisance than anything, makes typing, sewing and whatnot difficult -boring!), anyway I'm here now :-----
Winners are:-
Twiggy at ~ The World Of
Lucy at ~ Lucy Locket Recycled Her
April at ~ Cake Makes The World A Better Place.Blogspot.Com/
If you would like to Email me your address I can send off your little goodies!
~ A New Member of the Household ~

I found this little Darling abandoned in am old rusting 'Quality Street' tin, at the Car Boot Sale ~ just had to bring her home.
She must be quite old, but in remarkably good condition. She has a china head, and her arms are pipe cleaners holding a bell (it even rings!) and a little stick to chime the bell.
I know she is supposed to be Christmassy ~ but I will keep her around for a bit and giving her a bit of Loving!

I think she is so pretty! I wonder how old she is? anyone got anything similar, or know about dating things like this?

Monday, 7 April 2008

Just to say Hello!

Just to say 'Hello' really, did you all have a good weekend? Find anything nice on your travels? I think the weather was against us really - at least here in the UK - snow, wind and more snow!
I am having such a frustrating day, all my photos are fuzzy and rubbish - they wont load properly on Etsy! you know when you want to get something done and move on to something else! - I decided its no good just keep making things , although we get all the pleasure from that,but I must try and sell some (more funds to feed the habit!) - thus the Etsy fiasco!!
I really wanted to get outside - I have Delphiniums to plant out - did you see Gardeners World? If you did you would know what I an talking about - so inspiring! I've tried and tried to grow them, the slugs usually get them, no matter what I do - but I will try again! Nothing ventured nothing gained! and they were so cheap!
Here are the pics I did for Etsy - load here just fine! can you believe it!
This is the finished 'Faerie Toadstool' little bag, its so cute, even if I do say so myself, I thought if it did'nt sell, it would be nice just hanging on a cupboard door, could hold some of my vintage hankies or something!

Here are just some little brooches -'Faerie Toadstools' again, I really enjoy doing these in front of the TV, I love the bright colours and Fantasy feel to them! Is that sad?

A different one - this is me trying all different backgrounds in the vain hope of producing a photo that looks somewhat reasonable.

This is getting a bit silly - me trying to get a photo of me with another brooch pinned on my hat!
I've given up for now! I will try another day - I have a garden awaiting me!

Friday, 4 April 2008


Ever have one of those days when you think quite possibly you have stepped into 'Country Living Magazine' style living. When ladies spend all their days either creating wonderful crafts/food/gardens and happy healthy families - never an ironing basket/mountain to be seen?
Well I had one today -didn't even put the washing machine on!
I finally made time to repair and paint my garden seat - summer is nearly upon us folks!

And played about with throw and spare cushions 'a la' Country Living! Last years cushions were so grubby after the dog had run off up the garden with them, I put them in the dustbin!
I must find some more interesting ones at the car boot sale - a girl cant have too many cushions!

Yes! these cushions definitely look too Bedroom-y! if you know what I mean.

Here's a little photo of the Toadstool panel thingy I started last week.
As you can see its turned into a little cushion, with the help of a bit of sexy pink silk! I put a little rose petal scented sachet in there too.

I even had time to make some biscuits - found a great blog (if you are into Green/thrifty stuff ) - take a look, great recipe. I found this really easy
basic biscuit recipe, just had to try it! So easy - I cant do with fiddly complicated recipes. I put peanut butter in the mix - yummy! I tell you Domestic Goddess or What - today!

Now for the germ of an idea!
As I stood at my kitchen sink - Yet Again! I was idly wondering how many hours we must spend stood in this very spot. We must spend more hours looking at the view from the kitchen window than any other!
So I took a photo of my window view, and thought it would be interesting to see what other bloggers saw as they did their daily chores. Would it give an insight into others thoughts and ideas? I know my mind turns to idle creative thought whilst I do something as mundane as washing up! Perhaps it will be interesting - or are we just nosey!
Do you want to take up the Kitchen Window Challenge?

Window view - my little Summer House at the top of the garden, the garden is just comming to life, all those fresh green colours. Lovely

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I have been Tagged!! My first - so here goes :-

I have been tagged by the lovely April ~ Cake makes the World a better ~
1). Name and URL of person who tagged you.
2). post the Rules.
3). Write 7 things about yourself.
4).Name 7 favorite blogs.
5). Send email to 7 blogs to say that they have been Tagged.
Seven things about myself? Are there so many things that could interest anyone?
1) I was born and raised in Lancashire (I'm Lancashire Lass!) and grew up roaming the sometimes bleak, but beautiful moors.
2) After school I studied Agriculture - Yes! I can milk a cow, birth a lamb!
3) We grew up as I said on the 'wild moors', I can remember bring very young, when we had
to carry water from a well, we didn't have electricity until I was 12yrs old. It has had a
profound effect - my upbringing has given me a certain 'Make do and Mend' mentality!
4) I treasure my skills ~ Sewing, Baking,Gardening and all the other little domestic things we
do everyday,these skills were taught to me by my Grandmothers and Mother who I no
longer have, but the memories are there to treasure.
5) I am a 'Big Girl' always have been, so have developed a dress style which I feel comfy in
which involves a lot of homemade and revamped clothes.
6) I hate 'shopping' - for things like food and especially anything that involves going into
places like Argos!
7) I wear Chanel No5.
Seven favorite blogs - that's a hard one, there are so many!
Twiggy pea sticks
Nostalgia at the Stone House
Cakes Make the World a Better Place
Sea Angels
Lucy Locket Recycled her Pocket
Look to your Emails to see if you have been Tagged!!!!
Look what Else! I am looking forward to a little something from Josie at Sykesssillysite - I won her Pay It Forward. It must be my turn to do a little for you nice, lovely yummy people who keep reading my waffle! So if you would like to leave a comment on this blog, I will draw names out of a hat, and the winners will receive some nice goodies!! Every girl so likes getting nice little parcels!!
I will make the draw a week from today ~ 9th April!
Just a bit about sewing machines!

This is my little beauty! I have had so many comments and emails about my sewing machine I thought I would post some photos. This is the machine I use for all my sewing, as I said earlier, we had no electricity as a child, so I learned to sew on treadle machine. Dad bought me an electric Singer for my 18th, and I made Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses on it. I still have it - it works just fine 27 years on! But the treadle - Oh - I suppose it is all about memories, the gentle whirr, the easy control, the beautiful engineering - and with care it will sew anything!
The one in the picture above I found at a carboot sale, the man selling it had been taught to sew on it by his Grandmother -how he could sell it I don't know! (Men - a breed apart!). I took it home for £7 and gave it some TLC, and she serves me well. Curiously I don't have a name for her. She is a Singer made in 1926 - just imagine the tales she could tell, what she must have seen and made!

The other little machine on the windowsill is another rescue from a carboot (sold or skip'ed that was the option). She is a hand operated machine made in 1891 - imagine being over 100 yrs old and still working just fine! I actually do have others - but I have to keep them out of sight, Hubby hasn't twigged to the scale of this addiction!

This is just a little 'find' I uncovered at the weekend. Not a very good photo I'm afraid - the camera flash reflected off the black silk. It is an adorable little purse 20's I think, black pleated silk with a diamante clasp, it still has its original bevel edged mirror inside. I thought I would keep my vintage earrings in it - on display so I can look at it everyday - is that sad?