Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Beans .. Buttons and Bunting ...

Hello there ...
Yes I know .... more beans...

 ... but hey ! 
...this is my life folks
 ... more bean picking and slicing today I'm afraid.

I tell myself .. 'I will really appreciate these little bags of frozen beans .. a taste of the summer .. in the long cold winter' ... 
I hope I am right.

On a more exciting note ... Buttons !

Of course I have jars of the lovely things at home...

 And I use them for all sorts of things ... from replacing Hubby P's buttons on his trousers... to attach his braces (an ongoing job I'm afraid) ... to embellishing pretty cushions and the like.

 Some I just keep ... well its more a case of not being able to let go ... I just love their colours and shape and even the cards they displayed on .. well ... you know what I mean.

So ..yes .. I like buttons .... I sell them on the stall ... lots of them.
Large ones .. small ones ... 
mixed bags of buttons like Grannies tin
 ... buttons for knitted baby cardigans
 ... fun ones
 ... plain boring ones for your work trousers 
... and of course
.. exciting pretty Vintage ones. 

So ... last weekend ... trading as usual ... nice people ...having a chat over the buttons....
One nice lady brings over a huge handful of buttons picked out of the Vintage Button Case ...we get chatting...

She only happens to be one of the wardrobe people/costume makers for Downton Abbey .... ! 
My buttons are destined for Downton Abbey ...
 fame by association or what!
Can I claim to be famous cause of my buttons?

 So back to the everyday .... making bunting.

 I've been selling quite a bit of bunting the last few weeks so I needed to make a few more lots/strings of.
I must say it does get a bit mundane ... triangles and triangles ... still its nice playing with the colours and fabrics.

This Fireman Sam fabric is quite cute ... lets hope someone else fancies it as bunting.

That's all for now ... take care x