Monday, 20 June 2011

Bed Jackets and Bloomers!

Out and about today ... sorting the stock for sale tomorrow.

Here's a few pic's of the bits and bobs that move in and 'hopefully' out of our lives....

I just love the little bed jacket someone has carefully crocheted ...... was a present for a dearly loved old Aunt? ..... does anyone wear bed jackets these days .... I bet ya any money they are Thermal these days!

Hubby P .... having a 'minute' whilst unloading ... you know .... when you get to his age!

Hats, hats and more hats ..... hats for all occasions!
Just look at this delightful Grannie hat .... how glam is this for an old dear, or indeed a young dear!

And is any home complete without a cherub or two?

We sell a lot of haberdashery .... vintage bits and bobs and of course the everyday staples.
There does seem to be a lack of shops selling reasonably priced sewing supplies, at least there is a lack in our little corner of the country.

Buttons and beads and pretty little bundles of lace ..... always go down well with the craft ladies.

Fabric ... glorious piles of fabric .... all the old and shabby, the hitherto hidden bundles of vintage joy. We source from all kinds of interesting nooks and crannies and find lots of lovely fabrics for the ladies to indulge their crafty passions.

Just look at this lovely little embroidered picture .... so sweet. Its got to be the find of the weekend.
I'm wrestling with myself at the moment .... should it come home with me for a little while ... or should I be 'sensible' and let it find its new home?

Early to bed tonight .. its a Trading day tomorrow..... I go and give a hand on a Tuesday... You never know I might just miss something delightfully shabby that just .. must ... come home with me!

Bye for now ..... x