Monday, 12 October 2009

Weekend Treasures!!

Hello' hope you are all well today! Its lovely and sunny here! I just thought I would share my weekend finds with you - I had a thrilling time down at the dump (recycling centre!).
Well you know - or perhaps you didn't, but I do - just so love the look and feel of old galvanised buckets, watering cans, dustbins and the like. I like the idea that they were a useful, homely article, used on a daily basis, without thought, but in their own small way - have their own history. I like to plant them up and scatter them throughout the garden - I know what with the chairs from last week an all - you will be thinking my garden is just one big dump - artistic dump though!
In this large tub - I'm not sure what it was used for - it has no handles, but its so tactile with is corrugated sides, I have planted a large Oak tree that I grew from seed. It has to manage it the tub because I have no room in the garden for another tree!

This is an old dustbin type that I have a Golden Willow tree in - again grown from a cutting - no room in the garden for it!

Well! Yesterday we had a good sorting out of the tool shed - it must be said, Hubby P was ruthless!! Lots and lots of boxes of rubbish for the tip - we only just managed to get there before closing time. I like to go - bit of a jaunt for me - I like to have a good old nosy in the skips to see what people have thrown out, and maybe, just maybe - there is something 'useful' to bring home! Recycling you see!!

And this is what I found, it was buried under an old wheelbarrow and other bits - but I could see its corrugated sides. I immediately hailed a promising looking young man, and asked nicely if he could 'just possibly' dig out this treasure. It must be said he was very pleasent, and got it out in a flash - probably use to batty middle aged women!

Its not at all bashed about - as you can see its an old wash tub. It would have had a handle, but that's missing.

And just look at this soap dish - come handle, how cute is that!

The bottom has gone unfortunately, but it wont matter if I am to plant it up.
So as Hubby P unloaded the rubbish from the van, I stood by waiting to put my tub in the back. I was pleasantly surprised - he didn't say a word! Mind you he was very tired from clearing the tool sheds - nasty grubby job, but we are all so tidy and organised now.

Another find at the carboot was this little shoe rack. I've been wanting one for a while, but I didn't want a large pine one - which there seemed to be lots of, I just haven't the room for anything big!

So this is ideal, and rather cute - I think some clever person has made it, I've never seen anything similar.

It needs a good polish really, but I just had to have a play, to see how it would look!

Have you planted your bulbs?
I filled this little old trug with pretty little daffs - Tata tete I think. (the bottoms gone on the trug - seems to be an on going theme ere' - I am sure my bottoms gone too - well went years ago really!!)
xx That's all for now folks! xx Take care xx