Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Three bags full - and no sign of a lamb chop!

Yes! in 'ranty' mode again!
I just had to show you this - not even three full bags of shopping and £40!
Is it me? or are prices still creeping up and up! - I can remember not that long ago, when I could just about fill a trolley at Lidls for £40.
This was just a very basic shop - no meat, wine or fancy bits, I really feel for those of you with a big family to feed. Its not like we can just avoid buying - we have to eat.
Enough, enough, enough of the rant!
The Credit Crunch is with us Big Time! Any hints on a cheaper Christmas - what you all doing for Christmas dinner? Porks a bit dodgy now with this Irish pork having Dioxins or whatever in it. There is always something, isn't there! Perhaps we should all go back to rearing our own pig at the bottom of the garden, at least we would know how it was treated, and what went into it!
Just a bit of a grovelling apology now, to all of you who have tagged me and been kind enough to give me Awards and things. I know I am hopeless at responding to these things. I have totally lost track - I think I will just draw a line under them and start again! Try and promise to be a better Blogger!

How about this? Anyone remember Dallas and all those wonderful shoulder pads the women wore!
Well I found this and presented it to Hubby P ( well any Man who was anyone in the 80's was wearing it!) he just gave me a scathing look - and said 'You are joking!!**?'
Guess I will just have to find an appreciative bloke on Ebay - a J R fan.

Up date on the Hat stands I have made - they have their pretty covers on them now. I must say they do the job just fine!

My collection is growing - and I do wear them all. I am trying not to get into the habit of collecting just for the sake of it, I want them to be wearable - if only in the garden.

This is the latest - very flowery, ideal for the Church bazaar or similar stuffy occasion! Should turn heads - its only the brave people who make a comment!

Anyway - I am supposed to be writing my Christmas cards, and wrapping Hubby Ps Birthday present - he is Very Old tomorrow !!!!!!

Ta Ta for now xxxx