Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dixie Has Arrived!

Hi everyone!
What happened to the sunshine? It was glorious last week - we got the deckchairs out - and everything!!
Well! - She's here! She's arrived! my ever-so special car!
She was produced the same year as I - 1962, although Hubby P says her bodywork is a touch better than mine! Huh cheek of the man - I put it down to jealously - I will only let him drive her 1 day a week (to fill her up with petrol!).

As you can see she has been so nicely kept, shes a treat to drive, just bumbling along the country lanes. You are sat quite high up so visibility is great. Its so nice to see other people smile as we pass - nice to brighten their day.
And its a Red Hot Man magnet - ideal for picking up stray men in supermarket car parks! It must be said they are usually of a certain age and are attracted by the car, and we have to stand in the freezing cold whilst they reminisce - the cars they had! Ah the good old days!

One little old lady told us she had had her first kiss in the back of a similar car! how romantic is that!

Just an inside shot, for those of you that are 'car minded'- its a 1962 Morris Minor 2 door, for those of you who haven't a clue what I am on about.
By the way she's called Dixie!

Of course it goes without saying, One must wear a Hat whilst driving her!

Another exciting find!
I was just tidying the garden last week - when it was sunny and warm, just wandering along with my shears trimming back the dead foliage , and just moved this chair to trim behind it when - look what I saw!

Cute little nest with five eggs, tucked into a crevice in the natural rock which backs the garden. I withdrew hastily and waited to see whose it was.

Mum returned shortly and settled down, I even managed to get this sneaky shot of her.

And to think we had been sat just by her all day. I just hope our cat remains as uninterested in her and other birds - hes never really been one for bothering them. Fingers crossed she manages to rear her little brood!
Its Tuesday - so that means carboot day. Just a few pics of what I found today, not a lot mind, few pickings today.

Some nice little Vintage perfumes and Ponds creams - remember Ponds? it reminds me of my Grannie - especially when I unscrewed the lid and had a sniff!
I thought the old sunglasses were pretty spectacular too! - need to be worn with a headscarf - film star fashion!

I found another clothes maiden - a lot smaller than the one I bought the other week, I thought it would stand inside the inglenook to dry smalls.
The old pretty floral bag - well, I don't know now I have it home - how many bags does a girl need? May end up on ebay. Bought some pretty vintage underslips too - cos they were pretty! why else! And yet again another white cutwork and embroidery tablecloth!
I do enjoy Tuesday carboot - lots of the 'have a rummage' boxes, and usually really good prices - think I spent all of £7 today. And we had Lunch out - can't be bad!

xx Take care - enjoy what sunshine there is! xx