Tuesday, 13 November 2012

This Evenings Treat ....

Hello there .... had a good day?

I pulled the curtains closed early today ... it seems to go dark so early.... and sat by a warm fire ... the wind was whistling down the chimney.

I thought we would have a treat tonight. 

 I had to oven on to cook our meat for tea so I whipped up a sponge .... the old fashioned way I'm afraid .... I find it quicker than dragging out the electric mixer.

Last week Hubby P came home the proud purchaser of two Fray Bentos pies .... something we haven't had in years ... yes we enjoyed them as a change ... but it must be said ... very little meat in them.
Anyway I kept the handy little tins .... I'm sure the tins are smaller too.

Just the right size for a sponge pudding or two.

I used up what was left of a jar of Blackberry and Apple Jelly ... homemade of course (wonderful colour ) ... and spooned some in the bottom of the tins ... and then the sponge on top... and into the oven.

..... and there we have it ...
with a dollop of creamy custard ...
whats not to like.

And here is a random pic of a little corner ....
just whilst I had the camera in my hand ..

My special little boys ...

Take care  xx