Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ye Olde Cookery Book ....

Hello there everyone .... its been a super day here .... lots of sunshine.
We are hoping for a nice day tomorrow when we sell at the Car Boot sale.
Fingers crossed ..... x

Just a short post .... firstly to thank you all for your comments, its nice to know I'm not just blathering away here to myself ... hehe ..... wouldn't be the first time!

...... and secondly ..... some of you mentioned the cookery book .... I've had it forever.
I think it must have been passed down from one of my Grandmothers I really cant remember..... its travelled with me from kitchen to kitchen.

As you can see its very battered and nowadays its held together by sellotape. It does have a fabric ... linen? .... covering, although that's falling off so the sellotape really does hold it all together.

Cookery Illustrated and Household Management

written by Elizabeth Craig and published in 1936......

So .... that's between the wars then .... fairly old .... its hard to imagine what life was like so far back.

The book gives a glimpse of household 'life' back then ... and what a lot there was for a newly married young woman to learn.

It not only gives advice on food and cooking ... but how to care for silk umbrellas and how to kill bed bugs!
Obviously essential information for every Girl!

How the world has changes .... off to do my Online shop now .... what would Grandma say!

Take care xx