Monday, 11 August 2008


Hello there!!
I hadn't realised till' just now its been a whole week since I blogged - sorry if I've been neglecting you! Its just - we've been Soooooooo busy pulling the house to bits and what not!
Well - the big woodshed is finished, I know it looks a tip, because I have just shoved all the old timber we have ripped out of the house in there! Hubby P will cut it up for the fire - nothings wasted!!!
But as you can see, we do have some - what Hubby P calls 'Posh wood' (logs) in there, and his ambition is to fill the whole shed with posh wood for the winter - a big task - its a big shed!
I don't care what wood it is as long as it keeps us warm this winter!

Exciting Finds!!!
Just as we had finished building the woodshed, Hubby P took all the offcuts of old tin and whatnot to the tip (Recycling centre nowadays!) - What lucky timing! Someone had not long before dropped a whole load of polycarb 'stuff' - you know - the stuff you use for green house roofing. The lads there are very good and you can take whatever you like, so long as you don't climb in the skip! So of course he rescued it from the crusher. WELL!!!! HOW EXCITING - it means I have got my greenhouse roof!
No greenhouse yet of course - its got to be built, but I have the roof Part 1. I found Part 2 at the carboot on Tuesday - I bought a huge box of nails (21lbs in weight - of course I weighed them! I had to be sure I got a bargain!) for £2.50p! Of course Hubby P was thrilled !?!**! - not that there is any pressure being put on him to build this greenhouse! But I am on the lookout for Part 3!

Again Hubby P came home with a surprise for me! (until I exclaimed 'Oh how wonderful - you are thoughtful' - his intention was ebay focused I think!) I just love browsing through books like these, the photos are wonderful, I find it a fascinating era - it must have been so hard for the people - yet it really brought people and communities together. Pity it didn't last, some of the incidents you hear of in the News are just unbelievable.

I found these at the carboot, a little old man was selling them for 20p a packet, How could I resist! I have not had much luck with sweet peas in the past, but I will try again. This time I will sow in the autumn and overwinter - hopefully in my new greenhouse! - no pressure Hubby P - but sweetpeas would look and smell so nice next year!

In the Garden!
I as so pleased with this - it may not look much - but I have been nurturing it for 2 years. Its an Elcampane plant. Elcampane is an old wild herb, Culpepper writes of its virtues - being used to aid 'windy stomachs' and the root being used to help coughs and chesty complaints. I had never seen this growing in the wild - until last week! It has huge leaves and sunflower-y type flowers.

Just had to show you this, its so delightful, growing away by the gate - welcoming visitors! Will (my son ) planted this chestnut from a seed he picked up off the forest floor - someplace he was working (hes a tree surgeon). Its doing very well!

So too are these little beauties, these are Carob trees, grown from seed. I don't know much about them other than they grow in warm countries (Cyprus and the like) I have a feeling they may grow a bit like a weed there! I am hoping I can keep them going - maybe one day get a fruiting tree!

Not much craft work to show you I'm afraid!
Just this little bracelet, from felt and gem stones, I put together whilst watching Foyles War!

Is everyone so busy as me!!!? Don't seem to have a minute!
Bye for now XXX