Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Load Of Old Rope!! Treasure Indeed-y!

Hello there - hope everyone is enjoying the spring sunshine.
Just thought I would share my 'treasure' with you - although I got a few funny looks snapping up this bargain at the car boot sale yesterday!
Yes indeed-y - a load of old rope! Saw it and had just the place for it.
Its the kind - I think anyway - that is used as 'fenders' (is that the right word?) on boats and quay's and things. At least in my mind they do - you folk who live in seaside-y places may put me right - anyway its chunky, knobbly and real bit of eye candy as far as I am concerned ( you know me by now - bit of a lost cause!).
Well I wanted it to hide the ugly edge of the woodshed we put up last year. I wanted it to look something like our summer house - of course I cant find a photo of the summer house right now to show you - now when I want one (note to self - label the photographs!) Anyway if you really want to see the summer house there are lots of photo's on past posts.
The rope weathers and fades and ages really well, giving a home to lots of interesting wildlife and the most amazing moss and lichens.

Here it is fastened to said woodshed - with some very big nails ( please don't look at all the 'stuff''! I know it looks like a junk yard - not very Country Living I'm afraid!

Here's Hubby P grappling with my 'little bit of rope' - give him his due, he didn't complain, and he put it up when he came home from work - tired and rather frustrated! (work - another story!!)
Mind you we both agreed - it is nice now its light enough to mooch in the garden.

Another 'eye candy' kinda pic - I just love the texture, the knobbliness of it - just need get some interesting climbing plants to grow through it now. I will keep an eye out at the car boot - there are usually some interesting plants at my kinda price.
Another 'find' yesterday was this huge curtain - so pretty. The lining was torn, so I removed that, and washed the fabric - and its come up really well.
Its made in England by Cravendale - a print called Louvaine, anyone know anything about it?
Its a heavy cotton - curtains and soft furnishings weight.
Think I may do the usual keep a bit for me ( make an interesting bag I think ) and try to sell a bit on ebay - cover the cost of my habit!

The colours of the fabric, hanging on the washing line echoed the colours emerging in the garden beds - I just had a mooch about with the camera.
All the blues are coming out, quite lovely set against the fresh green of their foliage.

Some little hyacinths planted in a slate box (made years ago by Hubby P)

Pretty delicate Borage - flowers throughout the year.

A pretty Periwinkle climbing up the rock.

Forget-Me-Nots the garden is full of them.

And just pushing their way through - the Bluebells - not long until they give us a mass of brilliant blue.

And last but not least one fat, podgy baby rabbit! You can see his eyes are just about open - I will start cuddling them now - get them use to 'people'. So cute and squirmy - not be long untill they are running madly about and driving 'Mum' nuts!

xxx Nite nite xxx