Thursday, 13 February 2014

Its Just That Kinda Weather ... Pudding Weather...

Hello there ...
well we are still here  .. we haven't been blown away quite yet.

But what's to do in this awful weather ... but feed up a cold and achy Hubby P on a nice ginger and syrup sponge ... with a dollop of custard.

It was a bit of a make it up as you go along sort of effort.
Hubby P had gone out to work and I thought a nice pudding would be welcome this evening ...
we don't eat dessert every evening as some people do .. just now and again... when its puddin weather!

I tend to just mix up in a bowl ... my Kenwood mixer is in the cupboard but it doesn't seem worth pulling it all out for one little pudding.

As I said .. make it up as you go along ... I have a couple of tins of this in the cupboard ... from A Food ... not the greatest stuff ...
a bit like axle grease (as my Grandad would say)..
But it needed using up ... so I tipped a whole lot of ground ginger in the mix .. to disguise any taste from the 'not so great marg'.

That's how it came to be a Ginger puddin!

I rustled up a few scones as well .. just to fill the oven .. but nice with a slather of butter.

So what else ...

Not a great deal ...

 I found these lovely 1950's nightdresses ..

Such a change to find everyday stuff ... that everyday Mums would wear .. rather than fancy things that people 'put away for best'.
But of course the everyday stuff would be worn until it fell to bits ... or cut down for children's wear ...

These are so lovely ... such a warm heavyweight flannelet fabric with pretty feminine touches ... just a little lace here and there.

I just love this spotty one.

Anyway I've washed and ironed them ... ready for selling ... don't know if I should try them on ebay.

I've put a few bits on ebay today ... a couple of you have asked how to find my ebay .. well if you look on my side bar near the 'about me' bit .. there is a 'my ebay' link ...just click on it.
I try and keep everything cheap and cheerful on there ... we non of us have a great deal of money to treat ourselves.
Although I must say I do use ebay a lot .. to buy bits and bats of things... I like to think people on there are just like us ... small sellers .. ordinary people just trying to make a living ... rather than the huge shops taking over our towns.
So if its say.. seeds I am looking for .. I will browse the little independent seed people on ebay rather than say go to Wilkinson's .. or Lidl even.
Just try to do a bit for everyone .. where I can.

So we are all set for our puddin tonight ... and can I say a big thank you for all your comments ... 'keeping in touch' with the wider world through your blogs ... has kept me sane as the wind and rain has lashed the cottage ... 
and they say more is on the way ... keep safe everyone.