Tuesday, 9 April 2013

This Is My World ... well ...Mostly ...with the odd fix of Foyles War!

Well ...Hello there ...
and Yes ... its my turn ... I've got one hel'va dose of the dreaded flu.
This is the first day I have got out of bed (and showered ..but you didn't need to know that really) .. 
but hey ... 
it knocks a Girl for six!

Its like musical beds here ...I've managed to sit up in the chair and try and get myself together ... Hubby P has taken to the bed ..
you do understand that his is Man Flu ... and therefore will take far more nursing and care than ever my dose of flu has.
Poor soul ... good job I can shift for myself a bit and keep an eye on him.
Whilst I was up and about I had a rootle in the kitchen and found the makings of some chicken soup. I remembered I has just bagged and frozen a chicken carcass last week .... thinking ... that will make a nice bit of soup

Nothing fancy ... boiled the bones etc for a couple of hours, strained and added what I could find ...I wasn't up to much really.
Bit of veg ...handful of barley/soup mix...handful dried onion...
but it will do the job.

This is when you need your store cupboards girls ... let them do the work for you.

Of course dear Hubby P did his very best and fed me lots of this ...

But somehow its not got that magic that comes with real ... seeps into your bones...warms your cockles ... chicken soup.

And yes the soup is lovely ... I can feel it healing me from the inside!

So ... I shall leave you with something nice ... a fab find....

Is't this just the sweetest little dressing gown....

and guess where its from...

 Now to be honest its the label I really fell for ...
it shouts to me of all that was warm and homely and thrifty and family ... community ... working together .... creating... crafting...producing something long lasting .. something of quality....
and well you know ... all that..

Unfortunately the robe has to be for sale (and No ..I cannot take the label out...one goes with the other ...obviously)... so I've been brave and put it on eBay ...I enjoyed it for a little while.

But just imagine if it could talk ... tales of the weaving on the crofts.. sheep calling outdoors and ladies sat around making up garments for sale....fitting it all in around work on the croft.
And where has it been all these years ... did it travel back to Anglesey with a family who took a holiday on the Island ?

There is a story in every little thing.

Time for another bowl of magic soup.

Take care.