Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hello Again! A lovely Day Here On Anglesey....

Its a lovely day here on Anglesey so I thought i would take a few photographs and try and get back into the Blogging thing ...... i have really missed you all.

Sorry i have been away so long .... nothing really amiss.... just life sometimes gets in the way of the best intentions. We have had our share of lifes ups and downs .... Weddings, the sad death of Hubby P's Mother, Children moving away and the 'getting going' of Hubby P's new buisness venture.
Hubby P is keeping 'Bread on the Table' with his Trading buisness .... Vintage and Collectables dont ya know!
And just to be a Real Trader ... he has bought a van ....

And of course its a Big White Van ..... real white van man stuff!
(I have to have a little portable step to get in and out ... its so big/tall ... and I've only little legs! I feel a bit like the Queen .. bless her! )

Of course all my time has gone to helping with the buisness ... all hands on deck ..... its our livelyhood we are talking about ... and things were a bit lean over the early months. Its a good job we have had practise of the Thrifty lifestyle.

I must say its lots of fun .... hard work and tiring ... but fun. We find lots of interesting things and of course I want to keep them all ....

Some of them just have to come home ... if only for a little while and then we sell them on.

We managed to do some jobs around the house, and the cottage is freshly resplendant in a new coat of paint..... how do you like the pinky PINK look!

The lads were a bit unsure but hey .... I got the paint real cheap and anyway I just love the colour, nice and warm looking.

Let me know what you think .... is it a bit extream? Am I turning into a mad old woman.... or is it too late?

Is'nt this a nice little picture .... horse and foal in the field opposite the cottage.

Again this was bought as stock .... but could you believe it someone pinched the fuel cap lid (or something .. Hubby P knows about these things!) whilst it was on display so its unsafe to use .... never mind .... looks nice in my garden where it can happily weather its life away!

The poppies are looking just wonderful .... although dont look too closely the garden is dreadfully overgrown .... needs weeding when a have a spare hour or two.

Very pretty but a lot of it wild flowers .. otherwise known as weeds!

I do so like all the old and rusty .... could be said of Hubby P some cold damp mornings!

I will leave you with a couple of pretty flowers ....

xx Take care xx Bye for now xx