Friday, 16 November 2012

Just Trying To Earn A Bit Of A Living....

 Hello there ....
Hope you've all had a good day we go with another weekend ... the weeks seem to fly .

We just seem to be trying to earn a crust... and keep the wolf from the door ... just like many people these days.

Our days are filled with sorting... cleaning...
re-vamping...upcycling ... the old ... used... and unwanted .. 

Hubby P has been having a painting session ... old furniture given a new lease of life .. ready to sell on.
 He does quite a bit of this sort of thing ...painted furniture seems to sell quite well. 
He chooses the small pieces that fit nicely in average sized homes ... pieces that are pretty and quirky. 

 Today I have had to have pieces drying in the house ... this time of year the air is so damp paint takes ages to dry in the workshop.
Not ideal ... but I have to look at it as my Grandmother would...

'those muddy boots/overalls/...'painted furniture' ... are/is bringing money into the house'.

Its what we do to make an honest living.

Look how pretty this chair is.

Once the painting was completed Hubby P needed a bit of help with the recovering of the seat ... not one of his strong points ... fabric and such like.

Luckily ... Gosh ...just by chance ... I have 'one or two' bits of fabric stashed away.

I thought this bit of vintage fabric would look nice ...tis rather a nice bit of stuff.
So I looked out my trusty staple gun ... every girl should have a staple gun ... just love mine ... I keep it hidden from Hubby P (he's a bit heavy handed).

 with a joint effort ...
 one pretty vintage chair ... that was destined for fire wood until Hubby P painstakingly put it back together.

So its a selling day tomorrow .... 
Little chair will come with us and hopefully we can sell it on.

This making a living lark gets harder and harder ... how are you coping?