Thursday, 6 February 2014

Just Todays Jobs ... Very Hum Drum ...

Hello there ...
just a hum drum sort of day ... housework and all the boring stuff...

A little excitement though ...

The Girls have doubled their production ... two eggs this morning!
Not bad .. if you remember we have only three hens and an ancient cockerel called Rocky... 
They are fed a rather relaxed diet of household scraps .. and a little bought in layers pellets ... I am careful with the bought in stuff ... I like them to fill up on the 'cheaper.. filling' foods first. They get a big bowl of warm mash (veg peelings cooked through with a handful of oats to dry it off) first thing in the morning .. and pellets later in the day ... always try and put them some green stuff in the run ... to peck at.

I suppose they are really more pets than anything ..but nonetheless I can't afford to be feeding them fancy stuff.... they look well enough on their plain diet. 

Having a tidy up .. and I noticed the flower arrangement/thingy was looking tired and ... er .. dead looking.
The Forsythia was still blooming and pretty leaves appearing ... but other greenery was past it.

I gave the vase a good scrub out and filled it with fresh water.

Checking the cut ends of the Forsythia ... it was as I had hoped .. the beginnings of little roots forming .. hopefully If I stick the twigs back in the vase .. in a couple of weeks I can pot up the twigs and have the beginnings of new Forsythia bushes.

I wandered up the garden in search of some fresh greenery ... not a lot to be had.
I settled on a bit of this Ivy growing up a tree ... it will bring a bit of fresh green into the house.

As you can see the Forsythia is still flowering its socks off.

How pretty are these .. 

Just so lovely .. like little ballerinas ...

And the Hellebore's are quietly doing their thing ....

A little flower head had got knocked off  ... so very pretty ... like a little china cup.

I left it in the garden .. for the faeries to play with.

After doll'in about the garden ... for far too long .. house left all upside down ... in the middle of attempting some cleaning ... I remembered these..
Well ... I kinda .. unearthed them ... from the pile of stuff on the table  .. well you know how it is ...

This is a nice little bag of knitting stuff ... someones knitting stash .. I picked up at the car boot.
The bag is a bit too grubby  and will be binned .. I will wash and pair up the knitting needles. I sell lots of needles on my little stall ... my 'sewing/crafting girls' tell me they cost a fortune on the shops.
Mine are nice and cheap and cheerful ..

Often the holiday makers have arrived for a week or two ... and realised they have forgotten their needles ... or they just fancy something to while away the time sat on the beach.
Last week one of my Girls was off to Benidorm for six weeks to escape the cold weather here .. she chose a simple pattern and some needles .. just to pass the time whilst she sat and people watched ...
 Yes!.... she said ..
 it was just like the program on TV!

Anyway enough for now ... going on and on again!