Monday, 23 June 2008


And what wind!!!!
We have been away for a few days - we had a family funeral 'Up North' - what horrendous driving conditions as we made our way home on Saturday evening.
I could have cried as I stepped out of the car and saw my poor wind trashed garden! Sunday (in between the showers) was spent trying to prop up, tie up and generally give the poor plants some TLC!
A great stem of my cardoon had broken off and lay on the path - such a waste - it was looking so good! I have snipped off the flowers and put them in water - they are pleasing to look at on the table - but I would sooner have them in the garden!
However - much better today, the sun seems to have reappeared!
I had a visit from the lovely Twiggypeasticks! So nice to meet her, and her family - they are on holiday here.
She is so busy with that little one, yet she had time to make me this lovely little cross stitch - with a little shed on it - so apt!
We had a nice morning talking Blogland! then off they went to the beach.

Not a lot happening on the crafting front - just been messing about with an old bag I found at the carboot, putting a few toadstools and whatnot on it.

I just find I have to do something with my hands as I sit watching TV.

Taking advantage of the sunny weather I have been drying herbs for the winter, I find I use them quite a lot, and I didn't do enough last winter, so 'trying to do better' this!

This is some sage I hung up a week or two ago - it doesn't take long to dry. I just hang it from the ceiling in the conservatory bit - along with all the other junk!

Had to show you these delightfully PINK PINK, gloves and secateurs (they were a Birthday present - from people who know me Soooooo well!!) Ideal for clean cutting my herbs.

I thought I would dry some Lemon Balm (Mellissa) - I drink a lot of tea made from the fresh leaves in the summer - so refreshing (Properties - calming and helps the digestive system), so dried leaves might just be the thing during a cold wet winter!

To days haul Golden Morjoram, Oregano, Lemon Balm, and comfrey - I make a salve from the comfrey to help heal cuts, bruises and fractures (I used it twice a day, every day on my broken ankle, and it mended remarkably quickly - and well) - the country name for comfrey is Knitbone - they knew their stuff those old wise women!
Anyway that's all for now folks! - got to do some housework!!
Ta ta xxx

Monday, 16 June 2008


Hi 'Folks'
Where has the sunshine gone - poor little sunhat hasn't seen much action over the last few days, and it was really cold at the car boot on Sunday! I pitied all the holidaymakers in their summery clothes - I was wrapped up like a stuffed turkey - or similar!

Carboot finds - I know we all like to have a nosy! Not too much to be had, there was a lot of stalls - just 'Mums' trying to make a bit extra selling their old baby clothes and toys - great if that's what you want, but not really what 'floats my boat'!
I managed to find a pretty floral pillow case (just one!), I might just have it on the bed as display - then I can look at it, rather than put it in the linen cupboard ( with all the others!!).
The pretty trim/ribbon was a bow that had come off a hat - 20p, I unpicked it and washed it - just need to find a nice project for it now!
How cute are these little birds! I got a whole box full for £2, I have put a few on ebay and kept some for myself - no idea yet what I will use them for, but Hey! they are so cute! I have put some amongst my indoor plants, I have a little 'jungle' corner where my plants grow a bit wild and I have some larger (pretend) birds and whatnot amongst the foliage - I forgot to take a photo!

Look how tiny and cute they are, even small enough to use on cards I should think.
Some project will come to mind.

More Pretty Pretty Poppies!

These poppies come every year - usually amongst the vegetables! they like the disturbed soil I believe. They are all different, some have just single petals and others are like this one - just bursting with them, and colours vary from reds, purples, purple with black and all the shades of pink.

Just look at my Broad Beans!! and these are just some seeds I planted in old buckets, can't believe they are doing so well.

On the Crafting Front!
Not a Lot!
I have been spending a lot of time in the garden! and a girl can't be everywhere!
I have been making some little summer smocks (for me) -I always use the same pattern - I know a bit boring! But I found this one (it was a smock I bought, wore to death, unpicked and use now as a pattern) - it is so comfy, and being on the larger size covers all the lumps and bumps!!

Of course it has the requisite decoration of a few chosen buttons!
I have another smock half finished - so I shall away now and do a bit of that!
Ta Ta for now xx

Monday, 9 June 2008


Yes! Its that time of year again when I just try to think of all the good years - just wish in a way they hadn't gone by so quickly!
But really - I have had a lovely morning with loved ones and nice thoughtful gifts!
And! great excitement - my Inspirational Summer Swap arrived all the way from Cleary in Florida.
As you can see its a beautiful little quilt of the amazingly cheerful colours, with a delightful embroidered little strawberry motif in the centre.
Quite the hand of fate that it should arrive on my birthday!
Thankyou so much Cleary - I love it!

Just a bit of crafty stuff - I thought you might like to see this. I bought this little daybed for peanuts at a carboot sale a while ago ( it was in a real state of disrepair - so sad!), any way I kind of recovered it, using all the oddments of vintage fabric I had - I wanted to make it all jazzy and full of life!
(sorry this picture is rubbish!)

Its been stored in the summer house for a while, but I have had a bit of a change around in the sitting room and made some room for it. Its great for storage too - I can get loads of fabric and whatnot in the base - Not that that is an excuse to buy more fabric, I am supposed to be being good!!

This was another exciting freebie this weekend! A friend of Hubby P's (another Shedhead) suggested he - Hubby P would need a cupboard for his shed, and off they went to look at old cupboards the chap had - its a Man thing. I thought nothing of it , until he arrived with this beautiful 40s sideboard - its a piece of utility furniture, so finely made with brass and pearl like handles ( I think they may be Bakelite).
And you know what! - it was just the right size and shape to sit next to my sewing machine, and hold all my sewing stuff -too ungainly for his shed!!! - not really a manly, sheddy kind of cupboard at all - shame!

Of course he agreed with me - it really was too nice to cover in old engine oil and paint, and he kindly handed it over. A true test of enduring Love! never mind all this red roses stuff!

It looks really well net to my sewing machine and it means all the unsightly stuff -half finished projects, and scruffy plastic bags of stuff you cant bear to throw out - are hidden away!

I even managed to save the old vintage lining paper - is that a step too far -too sad!!
Anyway going to do some more Birthday type stuff now!
Ta Ta for now xxx

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Just a Quick post to show you these - quick cheap and cheerful T shirts I have been making whilst watching 'Spring Watch'!
I found these T shirts in my craft cupboard ( I think they were left overs from when I use to do Family Art and Craft -T shirt painting, workshops), anyway I just made them a bit more interesting by applique-ing a Desperate Dan - for the Dads and a Denis the Menace on the child's T shirt.
Bit of a scary Denis I suppose!

Again a little Denis on 'Dads' bottom!

And a big hungry Dan on the front of 'Dads' T shirt - who ate all the pies?!!!!

I have just put them on Ebay - they wont fit anyone here, hopefully someone will enjoy them!

Ta Ta for now!

Monday, 2 June 2008


Here is the little lampshade finished!
I did find the only drawback with using the buttons - there was a lot of gaps - nasty shade showing, so I filled these with some very PINK beads. I did have some photos of the shade with the lamp switched on, at night, but I trusted them to Hubby P who wanted to use the camera - and goodness knows where he has put them!
I think the effect is pretty 'full on' , but its different and pretty in its own way!
I must admit it was not wholly my idea - I saw a picture in a mag - it looked good I shamelessly copied it!
Just a couple of pics of the bag I made for the Summer Inspirational Swap! I sent it to Cleary , all the way to Florida. She has it now so you can see the pics!

I used a lovely little Vintage crocheted dollie, with summery flowers, and did some hand embroidery to compliment the wonderful crochet work.

Vintage finds at Sundays Carboot sale!
I thought this 50s style little mat set irresistible - especially at 50p!
The little floral pictures are just beautiful.

This is my Cutleaf Elder tree (Nigra - black foliage), just flowering its little socks off, and the flowers are a beautiful pink colour.

It grows up the side of my Summer house.
Hopefully now Hubby P has his shed, he can move all his car parts, which are stored in the summer house, into it - and I can have my Summer house back. Its great for escaping the house and people - just to relax and have a read, or snooze!

Update on the salad window boxes!
They are doing great, we pick from them for dinner every night. I think HubbyP is a little tired of the green stuff - but I tell him its doing him the world of good!!
And it tastes just great - so different to the tired shop bought stuff.

A little update for the 'Shedists' amongst you!
This is the Freecycle shed we got last week, its needed some bits of repair here and there, but its looking good. Just needs the roof on, and he can start filling it!

Ta Ta for now!


I've been Tagged by Indigo Blue! - what do I do! - not done this before, here goes!!!

Rules first.
Answer 6 questions about yourself.
Then Tag 6 people and post their names, go to their blog and post a comment to ask them to visit here, and read the rules, and take part - if they would like/have the time!
Let the person who tagged you know then they can read the answers!

What was I doing 10yrs ago?

We were in the throws of trying to make our little cottage habitable. I was working with women and children who had experienced Domestic abuse, quite a stressful job but very fullfilling, I loved it.

5 things on todays 'to do' list!

* Washing and more washing.
* Change the beds - really exciting life I lead.
* Go to visit the Physio.
* Wash and press some nice new(to me) vintage hankies and tablecloths I found at the carboot(that reminds me I need some starch from the shop!
8 Make some elderflower champagne (pick the flowers and start it off in the fermenting barrels - the elderflowers are glorious!)

Things I would do if I was a Billionaire!

God forbid! - where's the fun in that! I would think it would be sooooo stressful - just give it to the kids proberably.

Places I have lived.

Lake District

6 People that I would like to know more about.

Suzy Sews
Warm Woollen Mittens
Anna Hat Junkie
CieAngel's Haven
Blissed out.

Of to Physio now - wish me luck!