Monday, 2 June 2008


Here is the little lampshade finished!
I did find the only drawback with using the buttons - there was a lot of gaps - nasty shade showing, so I filled these with some very PINK beads. I did have some photos of the shade with the lamp switched on, at night, but I trusted them to Hubby P who wanted to use the camera - and goodness knows where he has put them!
I think the effect is pretty 'full on' , but its different and pretty in its own way!
I must admit it was not wholly my idea - I saw a picture in a mag - it looked good I shamelessly copied it!
Just a couple of pics of the bag I made for the Summer Inspirational Swap! I sent it to Cleary , all the way to Florida. She has it now so you can see the pics!

I used a lovely little Vintage crocheted dollie, with summery flowers, and did some hand embroidery to compliment the wonderful crochet work.

Vintage finds at Sundays Carboot sale!
I thought this 50s style little mat set irresistible - especially at 50p!
The little floral pictures are just beautiful.

This is my Cutleaf Elder tree (Nigra - black foliage), just flowering its little socks off, and the flowers are a beautiful pink colour.

It grows up the side of my Summer house.
Hopefully now Hubby P has his shed, he can move all his car parts, which are stored in the summer house, into it - and I can have my Summer house back. Its great for escaping the house and people - just to relax and have a read, or snooze!

Update on the salad window boxes!
They are doing great, we pick from them for dinner every night. I think HubbyP is a little tired of the green stuff - but I tell him its doing him the world of good!!
And it tastes just great - so different to the tired shop bought stuff.

A little update for the 'Shedists' amongst you!
This is the Freecycle shed we got last week, its needed some bits of repair here and there, but its looking good. Just needs the roof on, and he can start filling it!

Ta Ta for now!


I've been Tagged by Indigo Blue! - what do I do! - not done this before, here goes!!!

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What was I doing 10yrs ago?

We were in the throws of trying to make our little cottage habitable. I was working with women and children who had experienced Domestic abuse, quite a stressful job but very fullfilling, I loved it.

5 things on todays 'to do' list!

* Washing and more washing.
* Change the beds - really exciting life I lead.
* Go to visit the Physio.
* Wash and press some nice new(to me) vintage hankies and tablecloths I found at the carboot(that reminds me I need some starch from the shop!
8 Make some elderflower champagne (pick the flowers and start it off in the fermenting barrels - the elderflowers are glorious!)

Things I would do if I was a Billionaire!

God forbid! - where's the fun in that! I would think it would be sooooo stressful - just give it to the kids proberably.

Places I have lived.

Lake District

6 People that I would like to know more about.

Suzy Sews
Warm Woollen Mittens
Anna Hat Junkie
CieAngel's Haven
Blissed out.

Of to Physio now - wish me luck!