Saturday, 12 January 2013

Back On The Bandwagon ... Thrifty Snippets ... Saving The Pennies

Hello ..Hello...
are we all back into the swing of things ?

 All the decorations have been taken down .. all the glitz and glitter now a memory past ... reality hits ... its a cold wet January.

Thinking what a waste to just put the pretty cards in the recycling bin .... I cut them into gift tags.

I found some oddments of ribbon to string them ... all ready to be used next year.... and no doubt next Christmas will come all too soon. 

Moving on from the festive season .. it must seem a long time for some until payday ... money is always in short supply.
Hubby P and I had a sit down and a good old chat about our finances and areas we are going to try and improve on ... saving where we can .. shaving off a penny here and there.

Shopping was one ... I don't know about you but the cost seems to being going up and up.
We decided to make more effort checking prices across the shops available to us .... time consuming .. but we must just fit it into our life.  

Lidl was our choice this week ... to see what bargains they had to offer. Our haul included onions... great big bag full 5kgs for £1.99.
 A lot of onions! but they keep well and if they show signs of getting a bit tired I will chop and freeze them ... but we eat a lot of onions ... onions are good for you!

British beef mince 800 gms .... that's enough for three good meals for £2.49. I divided it into three packs and put two in the freezer ... we had Shepherds Pie for tea ... made with the last portion .. it was very nice ... very lean mince. 
Hubby P was on the case... and in the interests of 'Quality Control' ... you understand .. he had to eat two portions (....until there was none left!).... He did declare it 'Smashing' 
So there you are .... Lidl Mince ....

Peppers .... nice and fresh were on offer .. three for 89p. I chopped them and popped them in the freezer .... I mostly use them in stir fry type meals.

As part of a Christmas treat I bought some nice grains to make my muesli ... just love this yummy stuff for breakfast.

I have these large glass sweet jars to store my muesli and porridge oats. Who remembers these lovely big jars full of allsorts of everything on the sweetshop shelves ....
Ohhh ... the agony of choosing ... sherbet lemons or pear drops...
pineapple chunks or mint imperials ...
the shopkeeper must have had the patience of a saint.

Anyway enough .... I'm off to do more bargain huntin ... I think we all will be on the same trail if we are to survive these constant price hikes.
So whats your bargain of the week ... do tell .. we need to share and pull together. 

xx   take care .... snow forecast next week   xx