Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rain! Treasures! And a Bit of The Geoffrey's

Welcome to another Bloggy week - where does the time go?
I don't mean to leave it so long between Blogs - I do have lots to tell you - and I do try and keep up with every one's Posts - it just seems there is not enough hours in the day or days in the week!
Weekend saw us off the Island (a great event for us - we don't venture far!) and all the way to Lancashire to visit family. It was our youngest Grandchild's Birthday party - a hot and sticky affair!
Hubby P swears he drove all the way home with strawberry jelly behind his ears! - I think he was just being a bit dramatic myself - whats a bit of jelly between friends!
Anyway an enjoyable time was had by all.
It was so hot over the weekend - we had wonderful, growl-y Thunder on Monday night and then the rain started - well its been pretty wet shall we say.
I quite welcome it in a way - the garden certainly needed it - no doubt the weeds will grow like crazy now.
But its fair bashed about the Elder trees, the flowers are falling like showers of rain, pretty - lacy, scented rain - the air is filled with the scent of Elderflower.

Just look at the steps up to the shed - it looks like confetti - just like outside a church after a lovely, romantic wedding!

Here they are scattered over the hood of my herb pram - just look how dainty and perfectly formed they are - there must be millions or trillions of them - twirling down from the trees, gracing my garden - what a treat!
The greenhouse is doing amazingly well - full to bursting! I've moved a good few things outside - so many its hard to walkabout the yard, but is so nice to pop outside and pick fresh salad and whatnot.

Car booty Treasures!
Just a couple of things to show you - how about this for a little cupboard!

How dinky is this - I know the blue is a bit extreme - and its badly painted when you look closely, so the idea is to give it a vintage shabby makeover. Once the rain stops and I have a spare couple of hours.

Just look at its dinky little feet - I think it will make a lovely, unusual little piece.

And I couldn't resist this! I couldn't walk by for just a couple of £££££ 's!

I just like the whole shabby green-y colour thing-y going on.
It must at one time have been a functioning outside electric light - all the internal lamp-y bits are missing and the glass. So its really just a shell of a lamp - a lamp at the end of its 'useful' purposeful life - maybe how some of us feel sometimes! ha!
So I brought it home to live with us.
I put a couple of old jam jars inside it to hold little candles - we had them alight the other night, and how pretty they were - still life in the old lamp yet!

A bit wet for the Geoffrey's tonight - but the other night we got some good pic's.

Geoffrey enjoys a custard cream biscuit!

Remarkably tame - the camera is almost inside the tree house.

This is one of the younger generation, lighter in colour and of course much smaller, helping himself to the peanuts. What do you think ? Is he a Marvin, or Billy? or perhaps a Gertrude - Gertie?
That's all for now folk's - I will try and get you some more interesting pic's once the rain stops, and of course there will be more treasure hunting at the weekend!
xxx Take care xxx