Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Little Bit Of Healing From The Garden ...

Hello there .... 
hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.

I've been playing about with the herbs in my garden ... making some super nutrient rich ointment.

A friend has had an accident and broken some bones in her hand ... and what better for helping the healing process than old fashioned Knit bone ... or \comfrey that grows like crazy in my garden.

At the moment it is pushing up through the soil .. positively zinging with goodness ... packed with fresh health boosting nutrients.

As you may have guessed Comfrey was called Knit bone (in the old days) because of its use in healing broken bones.
The plant contains allantoin which stimulates cell growth and repair whilst simultaneously depressing inflammation.

It can and has been used in treating many skin complaints and is ideal as a ointment/skin salve to use after a gardening session ... just helps ease all those little scratches and nettle stings!

I thought I would make some up ... some for my friend and some for us ... I thought it may help Hubby P's arthritis (he has in his hands )... that's if I can get him to remember use it.

So here is how to ... should you want to!

Gather a good bunch .. chop roughly and put in a bowl over some hot water (in a pan ).
Pour in some vegetable oil ... I used sunflower (in years gone by any fat would do ... mutton etc). I poured enough to almost cover the plant material.  

Now you are going to boil the water in the pan (making sure it doesn't boil dry) ... to heat up the oil which will absorb the nutrients from the plant ... let this stew away slowly for a good hour or so ... the oil will turn green.

Sieve this mixture ... putting the oil bit into a clean bowl ... discard the plant material.
 Put the clean bowl with oil mixture over the hot water again and add beeswax. I added a bit of coconut oil ... just because I found some in the cupboard ... you don't need it.

I grated the beeswax to help it melt a little faster... I used about half a block and the little odd bid you see in the picture ...its all a bit slap dash ... but you cant go wrong. The  beeswax thickens the mixture when it cools (or it would just be green oil) ... and the beeswax is good for the skin.

I sterilised a couple of jars and just poured the mixture in ... it is oily and a little goes a long way ...
.. and the er .. fragrance is somewhat ... earthy!
 It doesn't worry me but I suppose you could add some essential oils to make it smell nice.

I do like to potter with my herbs.

A lot of activity at this little house ...
 can I get a photo? can I heck .... 
they are so fast zooming in and out.
A couple of Coal tits ...and family soon .... possibly.

Take care xx