Monday, 27 October 2008


God must be a Woman! who else would think of putting such wonderfully pink! pink! pink! beans inside the pods of my somewhat boring runner beans.
I let the beans 'grow on' a bit for the beans to develop, so we would have some nice fat juicy beans for our thick, warming soups in the winter.
What riches we found on harvesting them! Such beautiful jewel colours!
We got quite a few,and bagged them up for the freezer - just in the odd handfuls, ready to throw in the soups.

Frugality is the order of the day here! Nothing new news really, but we had bad news on Friday - Hubby P has been 'Laid Off' work until further notice, like many across the country I suppose.
He's quite upbeat about it and full of plans to supplement our income. Quite fancies getting into House Removals, and Clearance, doing a bit selling here and there. He had his first 'deal' this weekend - emptying a 'Pigsty' of all things! Not that it had housed pigs for a long time - a neighbour had used it as a store for all sorts of interesting things!
Unfortunately the sty was only 5ft tall so Hubby P having had to stoop to empty it now had a stiff sore back - good start! \Hubby hobblin about!

Just a few little bits and bobs you might like, little Car Booty finds!!

Nice little (well not so little really!) Vintage St Michael's vinyl bag, really sturdy for all those organic veggies down at the Farmers Market!

This is really pretty, its one of those perpetual calenders. So pretty and pink!

And this just charmed me! Took me right back to my Childhood!

And then Yesterday ~ BOOM!! ~
The cooker blew up! Thus One dead cooker!
Just when we are on a tight budget - but isn't that always the case!
I shall put a Post on Freecycle, ask if anyone has an old thing that will 'put us on', as they say.

Thank goodness for the slow cooker!

And I have been busy !! - making Little Welsh Angels!

Just little things made of felt and ace, something I can do snuggled up by the fire watching the TV.

This is Hope

This is Joy

This is Ivy

This is Holly

And Hope.
I thought I might just pop these on Ebay - nothing seems to be moving on Etsy.If I put them on at £2.99 postage 50p maybe I will sell one or two, just helps replenish the coffers for more goodies! Of course if any of you fancy a Little Welsh Angel, just email me, and I can soon pop one in the post.
My Ebay can be reached by I am going to try and link it at the top of the side bar then you can have a regular nosey at the nice vintage goodies I find! Sometimes its nice just to browse, and get ideas!
Anyway off to grovel on Freecycle for a cooker.
Have a nice week ~ its gonna be cold ~ wrap up warm!
xx Vicky xx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Just a Quickie folks! Mostly pic's.
Yes! It must be Autumn! I felt the greatest urge to make soup today - with lots of root-y type veg and lentils and pearl barley. Its simmering away as I write this - I am just struggling with myself -would it be just too self indulgent to make some nice fluffy herby dumplings to put in it!
Tummys grumbling something awful!

Yesterday we had no electricity for 4 hours. There was a little man down the Lane fixing something. They did give us warning - so I had my trusty flask to hand. But of course it meant no washing, ironing etc - shame!!*
What could a girl do! I had to fill my time somehow! so I got out some stamper thingies I had bought myself, and played about making my Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

We don't make too much of Christmas here, but I always try to give my loved ones a little something nicely wrapped in some homespun effort of my own making! I am very much of the - its the time effort and thought - that's gone into a gift, rather than how much flashy people can afford to spend!
Maybe a am just too old fashioned - maybe my upbringing is now 'old hat' but I am not gonna change now - old dogs an all that!

I think this paper should look ok with some nice rustic twine/string/ribbon - or whatever I can find! Goin for the rustic look!
One or two finds from the Auction, and car boot sale on Sunday.
Some pretty jars to stand on my kitchen windowsill - I use then to store bits and bobs (paint brushes to dry and what not), and start plant cuttings off to root. I had to bid for 3 crates of milk bottles to get these, Hubby P's face was a picture! You've bought what! that sort of thing - but too late I already had them! A ha!
I thought the unwanted ones could just go in the recycling - but when we looked at them, they were/or had been someones collection of vintage milk bottles all dating from the 70/80's - with special promotions on them. Hubby's looking to see if he can sell them on Ebay - be a shame to throw them in the recycling if someone out there collects them.

Pretty New rug - don't look at the dirty cupboard where the dog as flopped down!

Two Salter scales - how many scales does a girl need!

Goinn for some soup now! Have a nice day xxxx

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Hi You!
Just a quick post - just to share with you, my exciting finds really. I am Soooo thrilled, just wait until you see what I have found! - admittedly some of you (like my Son who just shook his head in dismay!) will think Yuk! But I love it - and Hubby P says so too - not really that he would have said NO, not if he values his life!
Anyway! - Thursday was Auction day - Hubby P had booked a day off work especially to accompany me (read that as restrain/control my bidding fever!).
Wednesday afternoon was viewing - when you can go along, buy a catalogue, and see what goodies there are to be had. I went along - well when I saw it! I just knew I had to have it, it would look so fine in my new kitchen- cum - dining area. I marked it in the catalogue along with other possible 'treats'!

Come Thursday morning and Auction Fever was upon me! I just love it, the atmosphere of the Auction Rooms, that sense of anticipation, everyone intent on their bidding.
I had prepared Hubby P on my 'Find' - and yes, when he saw it he liked it well enough - not as gushy as me! He was just apprehensive as to whether we would be lucky enough _ or have enough cash! to out bid the various Dealers who were there.
Well! i this is what I got so excited about - looks better than in the photo. Its just so 'Heartbeat' - you know the Sunday night drama on TV, set in the 1960's.
I just loved the whole set, there is the glass topped dresser/sideboard-y thing, a basic old white shabby, shelved cupboard, chest of similar kitchen drawers, and the yellow Formica drop leaf table.
I just have to drag all my nice vintage glassware out of the 'storage' boxes ( you know the things you keep sored away, because 'some day' you will have somewhere to put them!) - they will look great in the new dresser.

Of course the actual bidding for the thing was Sooo thrilling - dare I say it better than sex! We had to keep our nerve and bid and bid and bid - till the others gave up. Wow what a adrenalin rush!
Of course buying all this lot meant 3 trips home with it all for Hubby P. Not to worry I told him - I had a taste for it now - I will wait here and bid for the 'odd' thing - to be truthful he had marked in the catalogue, some books he was interested in.
Well that was me sunk/sucked in well and truly, anything vaguely interesting (or cheap!) I was in there!

Look at this little lot, so pretty - Of course now I have to decide which to keep and which to ebay (just got to recover some of my money - ready for next Auction day!).
The compacts are really so pretty and in such good order - its gonna be tough choosing!

And of course a Hat!
Not just any hat- a Vintage silk hat from Liberty of London, in its original tatty/shabby box. I just fell for the box - before I looked inside. What is it about us and old tatty things. Mind you the hat is wonderful! I wonder what occasion M.A. Bale of Abergyvenny bought the hat for in 1967. I like to think she had wonderful, life enhancing time in the hat - maybe met the man of her dreams, who whisked her off her feet - then again it could be just another wedding! All the information is clearly shown on the address label on the box! - how intriguing is that!
Gotta go now - its all go! Car Boot sale tomorrow!
Ta Ta Take care xxx

Sunday, 5 October 2008


As duly promised, I put the names in a hat (well! a rather pretty dish actually!) and picked out the lucky winner.
The winner is the lovely lady from ~ Lace Hearts ~ (
She chose the name Angel-in -waiting (I think it will be Angel for short!) for the little doll found abandoned and lonely at the car boot.
If you would kindly email me with your address I can post your goodies on to you.
Its been very wet here, but we managed a couple of Car Boot sales that were indoors.
Look at these lovely little vintage hair slides - the butterflies are particularly sweet!

And how about the Hair net! real Grannie style, it even has a ribbon that ties under the chin!
Isn't it funny how fashions change - we wouldn't be seen dead going to bed in one of these today, yet they were common place not that long ago.

That's all for now - Bye xx

Friday, 3 October 2008


Winter must be on its way! Hubby P has taken to wearing his Thermals!!
This is a photo of him last Christmas (beards been taken off now! thank goodness!) I bought him these red flannel long johns - with 'bum flap' - just like the 'Old Timers' on the Westerns!
There are other photos of him, but they are - shall we say 'indiscreet'- before he managed the flap buttons!
Anyway - busy busy here! I decided it was time to put the heavier, warmer Winter curtains back up at the windows.

We can then draw them against the cold blustery weather, and snuggle around the fire!

Gave all my sparkly bits and bobs a wash too, I love lighting the candles and watching the flames flickering amongst my gemstones!

I have quite a collection of Amethyst.

Just love the deep rich purple.
Hubby P treats me to a new stone every now and then - 'its my one weakness'!!

Have a good Weekend!