Thursday, 16 May 2013

Just Playing Out In The Sunshine ....

Hello there ....
just a quick catch up ... its been a busy day ... but so lovely in the sunshine ....
I played Hookey ... and pootled about the garden for most of the day...

I did some weeding ... and thinning out ... that pesky Borage gets everywhere and stomps all over the smaller plants.

I love getting in amongst the foliage .. the bruised leaves give off a heady mix of herb-y ... flowery ... greenery scent.

As I brushed past this Lemon Balm I had a longing to taste its freshness .... so I plucked off a handful of leaves...

 and made some nice refreshing tea ..
Lovely sat in the sunshine.

 As I sat sipping my tea ... who should fly in and settle on the cherry tree opposite ... but Percy (remember Percy with the damaged wing) .... and a Lady friend.
Making eyes at each other .. and cuddling up amongst the blossom ... I zoomed in on this moment ... these cameras are wonderful ... I felt like the paparazzi...!

Eventually I thought I really ought to go in and fling a duster about or something .... Hubby P had gone to work and I was supposed to be 'working at home' ... catching up with housework and Ebay ... but hey .. the sun was shining!

Do you like my new cloth ... I found it the other day in amongst a heap of clothes at the carboot.  
It is rather worn and shabby in parts ... as are we all ... but ever so pretty (as are we all!)
I needed to trim one edge and hem it ... I think someones dog had been having a chew ... but it doesn't matter ... doesn't show... I wanted to use it on this mule chest .. and the hemmed edge goes to the back.
Oh .. and yes ... I did kinda ..give the mirrors a bit of a lick and polish.
And I took down the little paper bag of nettles from over the wood burner.
If you remember I had put them there to dry ... for Tea. 

Hubby P had lit the wood burner ... just for a couple of hours in the late evening ... using scrap wood ... just two or three evenings ...

It was enough to dry the nettles (and the washing we had hung up in the inglenook).
I crumbled the dried leaves and put them in a jar ready for use.  

I have this dandy little infuser thing-y .... works a treat ... so I just had to have a mug of nettle tea .. sat in the sunshine.

I sat watching this little chap fluttering about ... poor little mite ... so raggy and tired ... I do hope his life was a good one.

I think we all should make the most of our days .... soon enough we to will become raggy and tired .... here's to lots more days playing out in the garden ... let the housework go hang!