Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Is Spring Around The Corner!!

Isn't this a cheery sight!
One of my baby Orchids bravely putting out a perfect little flower.
And looking a little closer down by the side of the shed, my pots are beginning to shoot - dare we
hope Spring is around the corner!

One of the best Presents ever, this Christmas!

Take a load of this ---

Give it a good old soaking in water for a couple of days ---

Fill this little machine-y thing with the paper pulp -----

And - hay presto! - you get one of these paper logs/briquettes to burn on the fire!
How cool is that!

Obviously they have to dry out first - here I have them on top of the wood burner drying out. I suppose summer would be the best time to make them, and dry them off in the greenhouse.
Its a great evening activity - whilst watching T.V. - sit shredding old newspapers and all those nasty bills that come through the letter box! Hubby P is thrilled !? another activity to keep him busy! - after all we don't want him to be bored!?!!

Have you got February's Country Living? loads of loveliness as usual, and Marmalade! It all sounds so scrummy, I just had to make some - I have just done the chopping up bit, I will leave it to soak overnight and boil it up tomorrow - Yummy, I just love Marmalade!
Too much Paddington Bear when I was a child!

Take care x Ta ta for now xxx