Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thrifty Doings ... and Pretty lace...

Hello there ...
well .. a few pretty flowers blooming here..

Maybe we have turned the corner ... and Spring is on the way ...
I do hope so!

This is a rather strange sort of 'arrangement' .. but the colours work and it has a rather interesting look...
The large corms on top are some Turks Cap Lilly's I dug up ... with an idea of planting them back behind this log .. once we had finished this garden bed ..
well ..  guess what .. we haven't finished the garden bed ... and the corms are still sitting there. Mind you we haven't had any frost .. and they still look fine .. I should just pop them in somewhere for now.

We've just been a bit busy ... or its been too cold and wet ... and windy ..
just a tad windy here.
Yesterday and today we have managed to get a couple of hours outside to catch up on jobs.
Hubby P spent some time sawing up old.. broken .. past its best... furniture ... it makes excellent firewood.  

Thrifty as always here..

He trudged in earlier today and plonked this down on the counter .... a nice tidy/new washing up bowl full of cleaning stuff.
And posh stuff too ... posher/more expensive than I would ever buy ... I'm afraid its supermarkets basics all the way here.

Anyway earlier in the week Hubby P had a small clearance ... nothing grand ... 'bread and butter' stuff ... all work is good work ... it all adds pennies to the coffers.
He had to clear the cupboards and of course 'under the sink' always holds a stash of cleaning stuff ... so every now and again I get box full of very useful cleaning materials.
They are mostly ...of course....half used but that's hardly a problem .. the stuff isn't going to go off. 
It saves me a pretty penny ... and as I said .. its often posher stuff than I would buy ... this week I will have some nicely scented bathroom mousse to use rather than the 'basics' cream cleanser.

Its a bit worrying ...
 getting excited about a box of cleaning stuff!
Note to self ... must get out more ....

The day gets more exciting :-(  .... sorting wool.

Whenever we get in bags of oddments of wool I bag them up into cheapie 50p bags ... ideal for bits and bats of crafting and whatnot .... so it had to be done.

I had brought my tins of vintage buttons home ....
to have a sort out ... 

And a basket of vintage lace ... the basket had got in a right old pickle with people rummaging through it .. it all needed sorting out.
Whilst I was at it I realised that I have got rather a lot of lace ... I just keep throwing it in the basket as I come across it ..
so I put some nice bundles together and popped them on ebay ...
give it a go .. cheap and cheerful .. free postage an all that.

Its so pretty .. the old lace.

Again with the vintage buttons .. I thought I would try a few on ebay ... I think lots of people love a button!

I suppose I should have some sort of card with my ebay site on .. so I can give it to people when we are trading .. lots of folk ask if we have an ebay site. They are usually on holiday and would like to be able to 'shop' with us all year round ... especially the sewing and crafting ladies ... they love the buttons and lace and whatnot.
Its a thought next time we have some printing done ... I'm just afraid of the ebay becoming a bit of a bind .. a bit of a 'must do' .. as it is I do a bit when I have a mind to ..

Its something to 'think on'!

Leave you with another pic of the daffs .. and their cheery sunshiny colour .. how lovely.....!

Take care .... bye for now... x