Sunday, 30 January 2011

When's A Mug...More Than Just A Mug?

So... when is a Mug more than just a mug? .... well for me its when its a delightful Retro-y little trio like these.

We were having a bit of a Mug crisis here in the Allsorts household...mostly due to me dropping them on a regular basis (due to arm-y...neck-y injury problem) ...and Hubby P dropping the picnic box this the dark, as we set off for Carboot...and smashing another two!
So how pleased was I to spot these real retro 70's style mugs on an old ladies stall...and for the princely sum of only 50p each.
Cheap and cheerful....that's me.
At that price I won't be afraid of using them....chances are I will drop them at some point, although they are a bit sturdier than the china ones I usually favor.

I bought these too, sorry the pic's a bit blurred, anyone know what this pattern is called?
I use to have the canisters and tins and whatnot in this pattern, can't say I have ever seen the mugs before.
I do like blue and white....its so kinda 'fresh' looking.
And Fabric.....
how could I leave this piece behind... a seasoned stallholder had put this aside for me....he's quite aware of my passion for old fabrics.....although its quite beyond his understanding...but then again he is a Man! (so I think we can forgive him! lol)

Its a new unused length of what I think is 1950's lightweight cotton... just so cute with the little bunnies...... so Easter-ish.

The colours are so fresh and bright, and it has that crisp starch-y feel of new fabric.

A largish piece so I have done the usual thing..... shared it between me (for my stash... maybe an Easter project) and put a bit on Ebay to recoup some pennies.

Now lets see.... what can I make with these cheeky little bunnies?

xx Take care for now xx nite nite xx

Friday, 28 January 2011

Todays Little Thrills!

Just had to share today's thrilling discovery.... seeds are up!
I was thrilled....Spring has got to be on its way. I just have to nurture these babies...grow them on so they will be nice and big and strong....all ready to be planted out.
Tiny things I know... but they give me a big know what they say about 'Small things amusing small minds!!

And how about these... I think they are just so cute, came in the post this morning. I bought them to add to the sewing bits and bobs I sell in the Emporium. I have lots of ladies into all sorts of crafts, and they are always looking for something new.... a bit different. Of course I shall just have to keep one or two for myself.

And last of all Curtains!

How delightful is this.....bright and bold, glistening gold in the sunshine!
A friendly older Gentleman of the Church gave me a bag full of this sort is very grand, super fancy ....intended as net curtaining...sort of...I think

Its very beautiful anyway.... there are a few different sorts, and he intended that I sell it on rather than it sit in a cupboard, so I shall sell some on ebay....but of course some will be stashed so that I can admire it now and again!
xx Take care xx

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tickling the Garden Soil....And the Tastebuds!!

A bit photo heavy this Post...but I've got to give you something to look at....its a bit grey and bleak out there.....Spring 'Must' be around the corner!

Look what I found peeking out from the cold earth.....Isn't she pretty!
The first Snowdrop....and if you look closely lots of green shoots.....the garden is coming back to life......its enough to make a Girl smile on a wintry day.
I managed an hour or two in the garden on Wednesday....just giving the beds a bit of a 'tickle'....

Giving the soil a turn over and general weeding/clearing of overgrown areas.

The Spring bulbs and whatnot are on their way...but I think I will look out for something bright and cheerful to liven things up a bit....maybe some pots of daffs or something (whatever is going cheap really)... I am in need of some flowery loveliness.

Clearing the veg beds I found some Elephant Garlic growing in a neglected corner, I must have missed an odd bulb/clove and it had divided and spread. So I carefully split and transplanted the bulbs to give them a bit more room....hopefully they will grow on and give us a tasty meal or two.
Elephant Garlic is a larger than life version of the regular garlic, but milder in taste. Nice to roast the whole thing with some peppers and tomatoes...yum!

Liz the chicken was out and a hand with the digging.
And this afternoon....
.....Well I was feeling a bit alone....Hubby P having to go away for a few days ... it always feels a bit strange....I often feel we don't live in the 'real world' and fear the he might come to some harm in the 'big bad world'....very silly I know...he's a very capable, grown man....but there we are....silly me.
So......lets make cake! ....its got to be a cure all!

Look at these yummy oats ....healthy stuff (well it is until I mix it with lashings of butter and syrup!)

But how nice are flapjacks......who just loves flapjacks...full of healthy oats!

And what about this.. gloriously yummy does this look....who discovered treacle? fabulous stuff!

Maybe I went a bit mad with the quantities.....that's an awful big Gingerbread....Oh shucks...we'll just have to eat it up with custard on it!

Must admit I got absorbed in a book and forgot about the is a bit 'brown' on top, but Richard has eaten three pieces....just to check its OK.... just how yummy is Gingerbread!
So we have cake to fortify us....and nice, rich dark, turned over garden beds...So...what have you been up to?
xx Take Care xx Bye For Now xx

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Frosty Frugal Day!

Nice bright sunshine today, but cold and frosty....the ground stayed frosty white all day, so no playing out in the garden.
A day of the dratted housework and fidgeting about indoors.
I tackled the last of the stored apples.....about time too, many were happily rotting away.
Still...lots of good apple there, so chopped away at the bad bits and saved the good.
Enough to make a couple of apple crumbles, one for us and one for a friend.

Not very pretty 'Country Living style' dishes....but sturdy and practical...and the crumble will taste just as scrummy. The dark brown bits are caramelised 'dark.. dark' rich yummy sugar....I used up what was left in the packet....just love that dark rich stuff.
Just need a bit of custard!

So Hubby P's dream dinner ....pie.
And cheap and cheerful....nice and frugal.....good dinner with lots of roast veg (carrots and parsnip), peas and a heap of mash. Good warming stuff.

I managed to get a few seeds sown, ready for the early Spring.....I am hoping like mad we have one.....t'would be so nice to have a long warm Spring/Summer.
I've just put a few seeds in little tubs....trying not to end up with far too many seedlings. I sowed some tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers,onions, and leeks. They are just in the window bottom, fingers crossed they do ok.....I can keep them going indoors until its fit to plant them outside.
I know its early but I want to make a good start.

And Nuts!

Finally Hubby P got his Christmas nuts!
I wouldn't buy any over Christmas.... they were just too expensive, but they have been reduced a little each week until this week they were down to 30p/bag.
So Hubby P got his nuts!

Hope you had a good day.... the sun is getting brighter each day....soon be fit to play out!

I'm Carbooting again tomorrow... fingers crossed for the sunshine!

xx take care xx

Monday, 17 January 2011

New Year.....New Projects!!

Just had to share this lovely photo with you!

Isn't he a magnificent Chap... or perhaps she's a Lady?
Her/His colours really were so bright.
New Year....New Projects!
And as the day was dry and fairly bright we made a start. The project is to clear the old pond (nasty smelly job) leaked and was just so overgrown, and the surrounding area.... move some sheds about....make a largest space which to build a new summerhouse/shed type thingy.
Sounds easy....

Richard made a start on the pond....

Liz was at the forefront helping with the digging.....lots of tasty worms!

Such a mucky job!
Eventually they got the pond liner out.... now I am left with a big hole.....the garden looks like the Somme!
At least we got through the day without any incidents....just achy backs.
As you know Hubby P does have a history of spectacular injuries... something to do with his enthusiasm for playing with big boys toys......or/erm should that be tools!
I've found encouraging Hubby P to let the younger ones.... Richard and other various sons 'have a go'....
cuts down remarkably on the 'incidents'..... !

Unfortunately we disturbed the frog.... it was in the pond... Richard carried it off and found a suitable damp patch of garden to 'relocate' it.

Anyway Hubby P's day ended well ...we had to shop....and we scored!
Asda was 'Whoopsie-ing' on the bread we filled a good shelf of our freezer with 10p pies. Can't be bad....Hubby P loves a pie!

Hope you had a good day.... xx

Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Thrifting Day....Snuggled By The Fire.

Well what a dreary playing out in the garden today.
But I'm not going to moan... its January for goodness sake! January weather and all that!
A day for snuggling in front of the fire and planning for the Spring....I was very good, had a browse on Ebay but just bought what I needed.....Leek seeds and some pretty colourful Chard seeds. Its about time the Leek seeds were started, and I shall sow some Tomato seeds soon.....Spring is around the corner.
I had a good sort out of cupboards, which involved me emptying the contents of the Hubby P's shelves on to the bed....a huge pile of clothes.... and 'suggesting' he sort through them 'like Now'!
He has been promising to do it for weeks...there were so many old tatty unworn clothes, just taking up space. Many were old ink stained work clothes (Hubby P being a Printer), T shirts with baggy necks, things that he swore must have 'shrunk in the wash'.... although I think myself it has something to do with the 'maturing' of his waistline!
And well... the underwear drawer.... well we wont go into detail about that....needless to say a little trip to Asda and a couple of packets of new 'smalls' did the job.
At least now he can get run over by a bus, and we wont be embarrassed! lol!
Needless to say the old tatty clothes couldn't be just thrown away.....lots of useful.....if not pretty fabric.
So I spent 20 minutes roughly cutting them up....removing, and keeping any buttons and putting aside the decent sized bits to use as rags.

Hubby P is forever asking for 'a bit of a rag'.... cleaning the car/van, painting, engines, restoring bits of furniture...all seem to need rags, so my rag bag is a vital bit of kit.
I ventured outside briefly to say Hello to the chickens, Hubby P had fed them this morning and said they weren't for venturing out in the miserable wind and rain.... not adventurous sorts really!

All except this one..... she is out whatever the All Action, Outdoorsy sort of Girl.....we call her Liz after my Outdoorsy kinda Sister!

Here are the others ....huddled in the comfort of their shed, watching the rain through the open door.

Liz busy scratting about....she likes a nice worm....the chicken.....not the Sister....although I don't know....she makes a habit of exploring wild places like the Mac Donalds there!

Well .... the day is just getting darker and darker....back to the fireside I think, and some of Hubby P's trousers to mend!
Gosh....I'm just Girl who how to live it Large!!
xx Take care xx Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Thrifty Ways and Waifs and Strays!

Hello there .... Here's to a happy, sunshiny ... contented 2011!
Notice I didn't say prosperous or rewarding... I think we are all going to have to be more frugal than ever.... but hey....what the heck...we are all here to help and support each other, hopefully we have our health and with a bit of luck we may get a bit of sunshine....soon!
Best and Brightest and Cheery Wishes to you all.....I'm determined to step into this new year with a positive attitude.
Frugally Snippets.... well the dark damp days have me huddling by the fire, too cold to sit in the other room where my sewing machine is. So I set about hand turning the edges of some towelling fabric I had put aside for teatowels.

I don't know about you but I seem to go through teatowels like nobodies business. They soon get stained and go raggy.

So this jazzy pink towelling was used to be a curtain... in the bathroom, if you remember...well I got fed up with it as a curtain, gave it a good boilwash and put it aside for teatowels.

I found this super sexy retro-y paisley towelling too ... twas a pair of curtains, just love this fabric, so it too became a couple of teatowels then I can see and use it daily!
Of course to try and recoup the some of the pennies spent on feeding the fabric addiction, I put a couple of the teatowels on ebay ... you never know someone might appreciate them.
Another project....this time to use up a bagful of those little skeins of tapestry wool, all oddments... not enough to really use in a tapestry project so I'm in the process of crocheting them into one of those twirly whirly scarves. I can put it away when its done....a little present for someone next winter.

Take no notice of Charlie Cat....he commanders all the furniture....and refuses to move, or even open his eyes when in the middle of a photo shoot!!

The Family has grown again..... how could we refuse a crust and a warm fireside to these Waifs and Strays!

Found at the carboot sale looking lost, abandoned and unloved!

This is Mummy Bear with her pretty little dress and sparkly necklace.

And a well loved little lady.....hand stitched no doubt with great love for some special little Girl.

I introduced her to Mucky you remember Madge, she too was a carboot waif. They are getting on fabulously, lots in common.
I think maybe we will find a new home for the new girl....the toy shelf is getting rather full of the 'waifs'.... but at least she's not ending her days in Landfill.

Mummy Bear on the other hand has fallen right on her feet..... and right into the arms of the
resident Hero!
Remember Sam?

Sam was also a 'Waif' and became my companion and co pilot extraordinaire, he travelled everywhere with me in the car. One night some 'naughty boys' stole the car and set fire to it. Sam was in it and helped beat out the flames to save what he could of my much loved Morris Minor car.
As you can see he still has the scars and injured arm. He received a bravery medal which he wears with pride on his waistcoat.
Well.......!? He and Mummy Bear!!!! What can I say!
I'm telling myself the twinkle in his eye is one of support and friendship ....but you and I know what these 'All Action' men can be like!
Chin up ...... I'm sure some sunshine will be on its way soon!
xx Take care xx