Monday, 23 March 2015

Thrifty Doings .. With The Dashing Young Mr Poldark ....

 Hello there .. just a quick 'Hello' tonight 
.. the sun has been shining again today .. although a trifle cold.

Do you like my little blanket .. you've probably seen it before .. 
I made it a while back.
I just love these little Thrifty blankets made from all the odd scraps of wool .. 
they appeal to the very basic core of thriftiness .. 
or meanness ? .. in me.

In the wintertime they keep my knees warm sat by the fire ..
 and in summer they are handy to drape over the outside chairs .. just there ready to put around your shoulders as the cooler evening draws in.

Last week .. amongst the 'stock' that came in was a little old hand knitted jumper .. 
rather sweet but unfortunately it was coming unravelled at the back .. too far gone to repair.

 Not to worry ... not to waste .. its all still good wool .. 
and will look just fine given a new lease of life amongst the squares of a blanket.

So I sat down to unravel the jumper .. no hardship really ..
 my attention was fully taken up with the dashing Mr Poldark ... such a pretty young man .. 
maybe a touch too pretty for me .. but maybe I am just getting a bit older ..
And I can't get past thinking of him as a vampire ...!
Do you remember him as the vampire ..?

The end result .. apart from him marrying the redhead ... 
well some rather nice balls of wool in a pretty shade of blue.
Its rather thin wool.. 4ply I should think
 .. so I will knit it up .. or rather crochet it up .. two together.

And as I sit of a winters evening with a blanket over my knees ..
 I will see the blue squares and forever think of Mr Poldark.

 The sunshine brought Hubby P out of his workshop again.

 I caught him manfully wrestling with this large bench.
Its a repair and refurbish kinda job ..
it was built (by local carpenters I think) for a lady in remembrance of her late husband .. 
she asked Hubby P to pick it up from the rest home where it provides a welcome resting place for residents .. and give it a good sanding down and treating with .. er .. 'stuff'
 .. so it will withstand the wind and the rain for another few years.
A nice little job .. we do allsorts of everything here .. 

Just to finish with  a bang ....
How's this for a dollop of colour ...

 This is real Retro flower power.

Fancy waking up to this bright blue number on your bed ... 
I wonder if they did wallpaper too ..

This little bedspread came in last week .. just a single bed size  .. good size for a throw I suppose.
Its in excellent condition so I will bung it on eBay I think.. 
the fabric is fabulous even if the thought of waking up to the bedspread might be a touch to much.

That's all for now folks ..
 off to crochet a couple of Poldark squares ..

Bye for now x