Sunday, 14 April 2013

Has Spring Arrived ....Whilst I Have BeenLying Abed ?

Hello there ... just thought I ought to say Hi'

I'm feeling a lot better ... thank you for all your kind wishes ...winging their way through the bloggy ether.
Got dressed properly today and had a bit of a mooch around the garden.  

 I think Spring may have sneaked up on me whilst I lay abed snuffling.
Its all beginning to look fresh and pretty in the garden.
Even the fields have a greenish bloom to them ... the sunshine has started the grass to grow ... I know its been a real worry to the farmers.

Do  you like my little slate planter .... Hubby P made it for me years ago ... cant believe its lasted so long.
Its made from old roof slates ...holes drilled .. and wired together.
I think it was an idea out of a magazine ...

 This is Will's Horse chestnut tree ..... the big fat buds ready any minute to burst forth into leaf.

 When Will first started his training as a Tree Surgeon ... working in the woods amongst all the fabulous trees ... he would bring home seeds.

And this was one of the first he planted ... just gently pushed into some good compost ... blessed ... and left to do its thing.
Its now a sturdy little tree in a big pot ... bursting forth with its huge leaves every year ... soon we will have to find it a permanent spot to reach to the sky and celebrate the joys of living.

Who can resist a tub of tulips ... can't remember what they are ... but I'm sure they will be lovely.

And Forget-Me-Nots ...sneaking up behind the daffodils ... what a splendid colour.

Well I enjoyed my little saunter ... but the wind got up again the sun went in and the rain came... all went a bit grey.
Still I am sure we will have more sunshine ... maybe tomorrow.

Sorry its been all a bit garden-y .... but I've been nowhere else!

Back to work this week and hopefully a bit more going on .... certainly need to shop ....stocks are low...any bargains in the shops?
Why does the thought of shopping fill me with dread ....I think its that not knowing ....
not knowing how much they have banged the prices up!

Take care xx

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

This Is My World ... well ...Mostly ...with the odd fix of Foyles War!

Well ...Hello there ...
and Yes ... its my turn ... I've got one hel'va dose of the dreaded flu.
This is the first day I have got out of bed (and showered ..but you didn't need to know that really) .. 
but hey ... 
it knocks a Girl for six!

Its like musical beds here ...I've managed to sit up in the chair and try and get myself together ... Hubby P has taken to the bed ..
you do understand that his is Man Flu ... and therefore will take far more nursing and care than ever my dose of flu has.
Poor soul ... good job I can shift for myself a bit and keep an eye on him.
Whilst I was up and about I had a rootle in the kitchen and found the makings of some chicken soup. I remembered I has just bagged and frozen a chicken carcass last week .... thinking ... that will make a nice bit of soup

Nothing fancy ... boiled the bones etc for a couple of hours, strained and added what I could find ...I wasn't up to much really.
Bit of veg ...handful of barley/soup mix...handful dried onion...
but it will do the job.

This is when you need your store cupboards girls ... let them do the work for you.

Of course dear Hubby P did his very best and fed me lots of this ...

But somehow its not got that magic that comes with real ... seeps into your bones...warms your cockles ... chicken soup.

And yes the soup is lovely ... I can feel it healing me from the inside!

So ... I shall leave you with something nice ... a fab find....

Is't this just the sweetest little dressing gown....

and guess where its from...

 Now to be honest its the label I really fell for ...
it shouts to me of all that was warm and homely and thrifty and family ... community ... working together .... creating... crafting...producing something long lasting .. something of quality....
and well you know ... all that..

Unfortunately the robe has to be for sale (and No ..I cannot take the label goes with the other ...obviously)... so I've been brave and put it on eBay ...I enjoyed it for a little while.

But just imagine if it could talk ... tales of the weaving on the crofts.. sheep calling outdoors and ladies sat around making up garments for sale....fitting it all in around work on the croft.
And where has it been all these years ... did it travel back to Anglesey with a family who took a holiday on the Island ?

There is a story in every little thing.

Time for another bowl of magic soup.

Take care.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Brrrrr its SO COLD!.....

Hello there folks...
thought it was about time I had a quick catch up.

Hope you are keeping warm .... its ever'so cold here....
we have been run off our feet with work ... lots of Car Boot Sales on over the Easter weekend ... but it has been SO COLD... 
its really taken it out of me...

 Managed to find myself some pretty blankets today ...I think everyone loves a nice snugly blanket ... I fell for the lovely colours (although they don't show up so well on the photos).... and the texture ... texture .... kinda look and feel .. that you can sort of dive into .. if you know what I mean.

 And just look at this label ... just so .. well ... old and solid and ...dependable looking ... so comforting you see what I mean ...
  or is it just me?

And the workmanship .... why do we not produce quality like this anymore ...
Just love it.

Speaking of bedding though ...

 Who remembers these ?

Bri Nylon the scourge of many a bed..

Blue for a boy

Pink for a girl .... and with pretty white frills around the edge.

These came from Woolworths .... who remembers Woolworth's ?
Good old Wolworth's has been gone ages now.

As with a lot of our stuff it they came in with house clearance stuff...I have put them on ebay ... they are a retro collectors item nowadays.
Unfortunately most others we are having to 'up our game' and try and earn more of a wage ... the cost of living is horrendous.
  So I have changed my ebay from a messing about ... selling the odd thing ... to selling as part of the business. 
So that means a lot of time listing ... and generally ebay type things ... not that I find it widely interesting and absorbing ... much rather read 'my girlie's blogs'... but there you have it ...  

Lets hope it warms up soon .... make us all feel better.