Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Meet Neville!

Just sat here thinking of you all, so I thought I would just drop you a line - or two!

We're having a nice evening with Dean Martin - he was such an impossibly handsome man - and the voice! Tis' almost a Sin!

Anyway Hubby P did well and found me a whole boxed set of records, they are like new, in fact I would say they have never been out of the box. Perhaps they were an unwanted present - or maybe? just maybe? - the lucky lady receiving this little slice of the handsome devil couldn't trust herself to play them!

Well Ya Knooooow! We ladies of a certain age!?

(Mind you this is not one of the best pic's of him)

Enough of the nice music - I want to introduce you to a special visitor.

Meet Neville.....

Neville showed up a few days ago - he tells me he is an Internationally renowned Adrenaline Junkie.

He is on a Gap Year - too much study you know - makes a snail soooo boring!

Anyway he thought he would use the year to travel - see a bit of the world and visit the 'Wild Washers of the West (this translated I gathered to be washing machines of North West Wales).

Apparently we have a washer with a 'wild' spin cycle - I know the machine throws itself around terribly when it spins - I didn't realise this was a sought after feature for your everyday 'International Adrenalin Junkie'!

I must say it is impressive to see him in action - riding the spin! he hasn't once fallen off!

I was introducing him to Richard (Son No 3) this afternoon, and suggested he just wait and watch - see Neville in action! - he was daft enough to stand there watching for ages but got a tad bored! I mean! - everyone knows these adrenaline junkies wait for 'The Big One' - the biggest wave or biggest spin! These young people - no staying power!

I don't know now long Neville is staying, you know how these 'hip' characters are - he may just up and away at anytime - I keep you posted.

Back to the mundane - I haven't spent all my time watching the washing machine go round, I have pickled a bit more beetroot.

I thought it best not to press more beetroot soup onto Hubby P. His is an old fashioned 'system' and soon goes a bit 'wonky' - and causes us all a bit of consternation - too many baked beans have the same effect!

So pickled beetroot it is - there is only really me that eats it - but I do so like a bit of pickle!

That's enough waffle from me - take care for now xxx