Saturday, 23 November 2013

How About These For A Cute Find! ...

Hello there ...
just a quickie post .. jut to say Hello to you all really!

 Just having a sort out today and came across these I found the other week ... thought I would share them with you ..
they are just so cute!

 1960/70's vintage knitting needles ...
 in the most amazing colours ...
 just so pretty.

 Even the dinky little labels are so lovely ... I'm sure I could use them in all sorts of crafty ways ... decoupage and cards and whatnot... they have that old vintage-y patina to them .. well you know what I mean.

 Packaged by Critchley Bros ... if that means anything to anyone ... there must have been some sort of factory in Stroud.

 I bought the bagful .. as you do when you get a bit carried away ... the colours just hit me and I loved them ..
you just cant buy anything this pretty these days.

I have quite a few ... don't quite know what I will do with them ... someone suggested bangles .. apparently they are easy to make .. basically you just melt/soften the needles and shape ... 

The little 6" ones would look nice with dollies and teddies ... 'learning to knit ' .. you know...

And of course you can always knit with them!

I've put a few on ebay .. try and recoup some costs.

Watch this space .. I really feel like giving this bangle thing a try.

Anyone else got any ideas? 

Take care x