Thursday, 12 August 2010

Just Had To Share - A Lovely Lady!

Life has become frantically busy - but such fun - much 'out and abouting' since Hubby P has been off work. Well it was what the Dr ordered!
'Go' he said - 'rest and enjoy your life, take some time - relax', so we took him at his word!
So busy, busy - but nice times and lots of treasure hunting!
Just had to share this lovely Lady with you!

Isn't she just Fab!
She was obviously 'slumming' it a bit at the carboot on Tuesday.
Luckily a friendly chap had rescued her from - well who knows what fate! - its enough to make a girl blush!!
My Man of a Tuesday and his hardworking team - they bring forth three vans full of 'Treasure' every week to the carboot - all sorts of everything to be found, and this week this lovely lady.

As you can see she is dressed in some style - her body is made of pottery or china maybe - I don't know a lot about dolls. The dress is wonderfully trimmed with lace and ribbon - what a 'doll'!
And if we dare lift her skirts!!

How great is that - she's a lamp!
I think she's probably from about the 1950's, the lamp still has the old Bakelite fitting, the sort that plugs into a light socket. Amazingly it still works - she lights up a treat. Although just to be on the safe side Hubby P will rewire the lamp - I don't think she will thank us for her underside going up in smoke!
Of course with all the pretty skirts and whatnot she does give off a very pink glow - Hubby P had his own description of the kind of establishment she came from - just so uncharitable! I'm sure shes a 'nice' girl.
Stuart Tuesday and his gang have lots goodies most weeks, and as you can see have an eye for interesting items, I just know you wish you too could have a delve in the boxes that come out of the vans. They do put one or two interesting things on their ebay site - redsky951 - I would hate you to think I didn't share some of the Treasure Hunting opportunities with you, so have a peek on ebay!
More goodies - how sweet is this bit of fabric.

I found a fairly biggish piece so again, as usual I shall keep a piece for me and put a bit on ebay - got to fund my fabric addiction!

All this outing and abouting is okay - but we've been eating out of the picnic box - and of course chips!
How sick was I of this snacking - it seemed ages since I had eaten proper veg;

So I raided the fridge tonight - dragged out all the bits and bobs of veg to concoct something fresh and colourful.

How nice it was to chop and cook, and catch up with Richard - he always hovers in the kitchen to chat.

Although of course he has to work - tasty home made pizza type things, with - because he was making them, mountains of cheese!

I even managed to jam a few strawberries.

There is a lady that has a fruit and veg stall at the carboot and she was selling off the strawberries for 80p a punnet - so I bought four, 3/4lb of fruit by the time I had de-stalked and whatnot. Not as cheap as growing your own, but I did just fancy some strawberry jam!
I used the sugar with the pectin in it - so very easy.

It made some good big jars full - not very glamorous jars but functional! And the jam tastes wonderful - just so summery!
Although I don't know where the summer has gone! Its been so cold the last couple of days - I'm sat here with the wood burner blazing away!
That's all for now - must be bed time xxx take care xxxx