Thursday, 24 October 2013

How Many Ways To Eat A Tomato ..........

Hello there ...
hope you have all had a good day.

The sun shone for us and we had a good day selling at the car boot .... and a good old natter with everyone. 
Lots of people were here (on Anglesey) to close up their holiday homes and static caravans for the winter ... they always seem a bit sad. 
Often retired people and the like spend most of their summer here and they become regular visitors to our stall. 
We meet their families when they come to visit ... at the holiday home .. and share the ups and downs of their family life hats to be bought ... grandchildren being born .. its all very friendly here. 

Today someone brought us a gift of eggs from their chickens ... how nice that they should think of us as friends .. people are kind.

 And lovely big eggs they are too ... whoppers!

 as the title of the blog suggests ... more tomatoes to eat up ...
or rather ... 
'How to get a tomato into Hubby P ?'

 Anything in a pie is usually a good bet ...
and we had a goodly supply of eggs ... so bacon and egg pie ... with a tomato or two thrown in.

 I still had some of the nice smoked bacon ... so a rasher or two fried up with a couple of onions .. and even a bit of grated courgette ... easily hidden in the tasty bacon-y mix.
Tomato added ... and all plonked in a pastry lined pie plate.

I cracked three eggs into each pie ... not very frugal I know .. but we have so many eggs to use up (I could bake ... but then I just eat all the baking! ... hopeless!).

 Tops on and into the oven.
There was a bit of pastry left over ... isn't there always.
  I rolled it out and draped over a tin.

  I turfed out the remains of the fruit bowl .. not a pretty sight ... chopped the good bits ...

 Added some sultanas .. a sprinkle of cinnamon and a handful of sugar.... pulled the pastry over it... and into the oven.
Doesn't look pretty but will taste okay .

 Pies came out just fine ...One for tea .. another for another day (mind you I will be surprised if it gets past tomorrow dinner time .. not that anyone living here is a greedy guts)

Hubby P was pleased as punch ...

And had to have a Desperate Dan .... man sized portion ... with baked beans ... of course!

Just as an aside (and because for the life of me I can't work out how to do the 'reply' to comments thingy on my comments bit) ...
anyway .. Sue from Our New Life In The Country was asking where we trade/work.
Well we decided early on we would just trade around the car boots on Anglesey ... we had both done enough tearing around getting stressed in previous jobs .. so now we do what suits us.

We have a regular pitch at Valley Car Boot Tuesdays and Thursdays .. and we are at Mona Car Boot Sale (where they hold the Anglesey Show) on a Sunday. 

Both venues trade all year and we are under cover ..
In summer of course the Car boots are very busy with the visitors to the Island ... and people tend to think of car boots as summer activities ... but we are there .. in the rain and snow ... and its often these 'off days' when you get the bargains. You have to be there fairy early ... most stallholders want to pack up and go home around dinner time.
Its surprising how many people do come up to me ... and say in a rather shy whisper ... 'I think I read your blog'...
They are perhaps on holiday here or visiting friends .. its always nice to put a face to a name ... and have a good old natter.

Anyway enough of me ... I've rattled on enough ... take care x