Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Quick Catch up and News Of Percy The Woodpigeon..

Just a little 'Hello' ...quick catch up and a few pic's...

I spotted a nice little mirror the other day at a car boot sale ... t'will be a nice addition to my mirror wall.

The 'mirror wall' is across from the outer wall of the cottage with the small deep set helps reflect the light back into the least that's the idea ...and I think it looks pretty!

This pretty pair of vintage curtains have been sat at home for a while ... so pretty. I was going to make something with the fabric but to be honest I can't bring myself to cut them up.


 Looking at my finances and thinking ahead ...we have a lot of Birthdays coming up and of course Christmas will sneak up on us...I really need to be upping my 'pin money' stash. I think of my paypal account as money for that sort of thing ...presents, treats etc...or emergency money!
 Its been very often emergency money of late.
Anyway.... scratting about for stuff to go on ebay to up the 'pin money' ...I've been through the wardrobe and found some bits and bobs, and decided these pretty little curtains can go too.
Its surprising what you can find ...just walk around the house with a small box in your hand and throw in stuff you have not picked up, looked at or worn in the last few weeks ...chances are you don't need it.

Percy the Pigeon is doing well....

Hubby P found him a bigger cage (rather than the small basket ...which was good initially to keep him quiet and confined so he wouldn't flap and do more damage to himself).... anyway one dog cage ...£5 at car boot sale....handy!

 You can see the damage ...he has lost an awful lot of his feathers from his wing and the side of his body. Good news is the feathers have started to regrow, he is eating well, stretching and preening ...and hopping around the cage. He has a little roosting perch and happily sits there watching the world go by....hopefully he will recover fully and return from whence he came.


Today he's been keeping Hubby P company whilst he cleaned up this lovely old mirror. Hubby P kept up a runny commentary and Percy seemed quite content to sit and listen with the odd nod of his head.

Great excitement here too ...nearly forgot to tell you .... we (myself and two friends) have clubbed together to send a Approved Foods order ...
Can't wait for it to come and see what its like...I've tried to be ultra sensible and just order things I would usually buy from Tescos.. or the like.
 But I must say some of the offers are so tempting...but really ....just how much mint sauce does a girl need?

I know a lot of you 'out there' use Approved Foods do you find it? Any tips ...anything to be avoided?

I do like to think it will save me loads long as I don't get carried away!

Bye for now x