Saturday, 19 January 2013

Its That Siege Mentality ....

Hello there ...
 this enough snow for you then!

Its certainly a white world out there.
We have had lots ... pretty.. but cold ... and the stuff melts all over the floor!

This was yesterday as it was coming down.

 The sky was dark and thick with swirling snow .... magical.

And it just to be the day we had ordered a delivery of logs.....

Do you like Hubby P's 'bright and cheerful' new work gear! 
It was the only pair of overalls Father Christmas could find in his size..... of course Hubby P swears its a ploy on my part to keep track of him in the garden ....
as if I could lose him!

Today it was white all over.... a world muffled to the everyday...
a day for sitting by the fire and playing with my Grannie squares.

Hubby P helped the neighbours clear paths and whatnot ... of course he was a prime target for the snowballs ... not that he didn't give as much as he got.

Whilst Richard and Uncas sorted us out and made the route to the woodshed less hazardous.

I dolled about with the camera for a while.... still in my pj's I'm afraid ... and of course my boots ...
Its been that kinda day.

 I felt the stirrings yesterday ...and by this afternoon I was in full 'siege mode' had snowed ... we were snowed in .... a Girl just has to make bread!
Its something I remember well from being a girl...we were often snowed in when living in the wilds of Lancashire.
 Mum always had a store cupboard well stocked and we would make bread and soups and warming stews .... to warm the body and feed the soul.

So we had bread for tea ... 
great steaming ....still warm from the oven ..
..chunks of it
 ...spread thickly with wonderful Welsh butter.

And jam sponge pudding .... its the law on a cold and snowy day!

With lashings of custard!

So ....what kicks in your 'siege mentality' and how do you cope?

Take care ..... bye for now xx