Monday, 29 November 2010

How Many Hankies Does A Girl Need!??

Hope you are keeping toasty warm...
I have spent the day going through my boxes of treasures, trying to 'thin out' all the stuff I have collected over the years.
There is so much of it!..... there is no room for new finds!

These were in my hankie box .....
Just how many hankies does a Girl need?
I went through them and put some aside to go to the Emporium...... someone else can have the pleasure of them.
I do use 'proper' hankies ..... clean one everyday ...... although I don't tuck it in my knicker leg ..... me reachin for my handkerchief would raise a few eyebrows at the carboot!

I just love this spotty one and of course the retro blue colour delights ... I wonder who 'D' was?

And just look at all the embroidery and drawn thread work on this one.... its just lovely..... my hankies are just a little something that I enjoy everyday.

I found this too ..... its a cover for slipping over nice, 'best' clothes when storing/hanging them in the wardrobe. Another nice, thrifty ... gentile sort of thing we no longer do.
The cotton fabric, well its vintage now..... is just so pretty. I gave it a bit of a wash and thought I would keep it, and use it.... but maybe I will ebay it... still a few bits to get for Christmas and the old ebay account is a bit low.
Hay ho... where does all the money go.....!
How's your Christmas Shopping going? I went to Asda today.... got quite a shock at the prices, everything has gone up! I went to buy a vest .... silly prices!
Off to do a bit of crochet now.....
xx Take care xx