Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hello everyone! Hope you are all hunky dory!
Haven't we had some fabulous weather (well here in the UK we have!) - I do hope you have been making the most of it!

Just look at this lovely blue sky!

Sorry its been a while since my last post, 'life' as they say has 'taken over'!
We've been so busy trying to get ready for winter - I know that sounds a bit dramatic - but I am determined this year to be all sorted out with sound, dry storage for all the stuff we have lying around, by stuff i mean ~
* Tools
* Boxes left with us by the lads - Mums do seem to be the ideal depository for all things from dirty washing, to University books, to old records and cherished childhood toys!
* All manner of bits of old car ~ mostly Morris bits that one day ~ maybe, they will be the very thing (nut bolt or whatever) that we need ~ Hubby P has a very strong 'No Throw' policy about Morris bits!
* And of course the inevitable boxes of stuff that one day we will stand a car boot sale with, and make a few pennies.
Does everyone have all this stuff lying around?
Anyway I decided to get sorted out ~ whilst the weather was good, so I dragged out all the stuff, and piled in the yard and covered it in a tarpaulin.
I had this great idea of buying one of those 'quick and easy to erect' metal sheds! Great idea and cheap ~ shed was on offer at a bargin price, could buy it online, they will deliver next day (no having to go shopping around and mauling bits of shed in and out of the van!) ~ Great!

The yard looked/looks a right old mess - so getting the shed up and running to house the tools was a priority.

Well this is it - we call it the Evil shed - what a palaver to put it up! No wonder they are trying to sell them off cheap ~ I can tell you it is the cause of much domestic disharmony! Not only are the majority of the instructions in French ~ we didn't do engineering terms in School French lessons! but the nuts and bolts are so tiny, and Hubby P's fingers so big and rheumatic-y these days ~ things were a trifle strained to say the least!

You can see the itsy bitsy nuts and bolts, and its so difficult to see when you are doing contortions in a windowless shed ~ in the evening when the light is fading ~ of course Hubby P was going to 'throw it up' in a couple of evenings after work!

The upside for me was spending time (whilst holding nuts, bolts, tools, instructions and giving advice, taking the swearing and general shed abuse in my stride) ~ admiring the Virgina Creeper that is draped over the hedge in the Yard. Such beautiful colours with the evening light giving them a jewel like sheen.

And No the Evil shed is still not finished ~ it needs a floor, then I can move all the 'stuff' back in!

On to more interesting things, just look what I found at the car boot sale at the weekend!

A whole heap of blankets (the photos are in the wrong order I'm afraid!) ~ the lady selling the blankets said she had 'cleared' a Monastery. I got stuck in and dragged them out of an old tin chest, the chest had an old address label saying Fanciscian Monastery, Penmarnmawr, N. Wales.
They were being sold as dog blankets, and the lady said any that were not sold she was going to dump ~ so of course I had to rescue as many as I could carry (or rather that Hubby P could manage!) ~ it wasn't 'That Far' back to the car!

As you can see this one still has the Friars name tag on it! How delightful is that!

I got a whole heap, I rather like the blue stripy ones best. I shall wash hem all and decide which to keep ~ the rest will probably end up on ebay (recoup some pennies for more treasure hunting!)

Oh, and here's a couple of pretty, sunny little flowers for you!

Do you remember this little table I bought for a £1 the other week, well I finally got round to doing something with it.

I gave it a couple of coats of paint ~ the same paint as I used for the fourposter bed, I am hoping to have it as a night stand by the side of the bed.

The top I decoupaged with bits and bobs of vintage paper, in what I call a ragged-y style. When the paint was nice and dry I gave the whole thing a good distressing with some harsh sandpaper, to make it look well and truly bashed about and well used. I gave it a good coat of matt varnish, and its ready to go!

It looks well next to the bed - I will take a photo sometime.

Just a little update on the last of the babies, Smokey here is the last one, all others having found homes. She is doing well!

xx TaTa for now xx Take care xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Handbags at the ready!!

Hello! Hope you've all been making the most of these last few warm and sunny days - well it has been nice here.
Life has been warm pleasant for me for the last few days - a blessing, I am so lucky, this life can sometimes be so stressful! I send you some healing vibes if you are having difficulties at the moment.
I had a lovely day out last week with my sister, to say she only lives a stones throw away, we don't see enough of each other. We had a trip out to a wonderful garden centre - the sort that have nice cafe's, so Lunch was a must!
Its so much more enjoyable browsing around when you are with someone who is just as obsessed as you about plants - and wants to buy almost everything - swearing there is a corner, a space, where such and such would look just wonderful. She said she just loved shopping with me for plants, because if she held two plants up and asked which one, I would just say 'Well! of course you simply must have them both!'
Of course we spent far too much - but what are Mastercards there for - they call it Mastercard - so I say 'Feel The Force', and treat yourself! We call it therapy, after all it would cost a lot more for a stay at the Priory Therapy Centre!
What did we buy - all sorts - a box full!

I just loved all the Heuchera's they had, I chose this one called Marmalade - such a fantastic colour!

This ruby rich sedum was on Sale - half price! How could a girl resist, I know its a bit leggy, but it will be fine and give some nice colour during the Autumn months. I treated myself (I know - treated myself A LOT!!) to this pretty, pretty Wandflower too - so delicate, it reminds me of Fairies, and 'other worldliness'!
So we had a 'Grand' day, It would just have been really nice if Mum could have been with us, sadly she is no longer with us. I like to think of her deep in the herbaceous boarders of Heaven, seaturs in hand, and battered sun hat on her head!
Weekend saw us at three carboot sales - that's going some for us!
Lots of bargins!
A nice little sexy black bottle of scent - an Avon one I think -a Girl can't have enough sweet smelling stuff!

And Handbags!!!! lots and lots - how could I pass these up. The Dealer who was selling them offered them to me at £2 each! She had a whole heap of Vintage bags so I stood in the middle, had a good scrabble through the pile. I came away with these six!

I know, I know - I cant possibly NEED that many, plus the cupboard full I already have. I will have to have a sort out, maybe - just maybe, some will end up on ebay.

Just look at this dinky little bag, it has little compartments, with a scent bottle, compact and even a cigarette case! How smart is that! Just Love it!

Of all of them I think I like this blue one best - well, this week I like the blue! Mind you it doesn't really matter - I have one for every day of the week!
Hubby P is being very Patient - just totally baffled about this Handbag 'addiction', I said he was just 'darned lucky' that I wasn't into wanting Prada or some such - a truly expensive habit!
Nice box!
Just a little something for me to play with, do up or whatever.

I just loved the way it has worn and aged - I just love the history, the story a thing can hint at through its dents, scratches, and faded colours.

Now enough about me, me, me! I seem to have acquired such a lot of delightfully, interesting bits and bobs. So I looked for something - a book or something to interest Hubby P.
Scanning the heap of stuff unloaded from one of the dealers vans, I noticed a crumpled heap of dirty tarpaulin, thinking maybe there would be old car bits or tools, I picked it up.
Just look what I found!

Its what Hubby P thinks is an old Advertising hoarding, or curtain from a tobacconists kiosk, or shop, the sort you use to get on Railway stations. He was thrilled with his gift - he just loves all the researching, finding out where, when, and what for!
I gave it a soak in the bath - what a lot of muck came out, years worth I suppose, then put it in the washer! Its come up a lot cleaner - goodness knows what he will do with it, if he finds its worth anything it will be on ebay! Hubby P's job is still a bit wobbly, so every penny may be needed!

xx That's all for now folks xx Take care xx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Just a Touch Of Tom And Beth Ditto

Just a quickie - as they say!

Not a great deal to report this week - well not in a 'find's' kinda way.

My garden is all upside down with this strange weather - my Three Cornered Leeks, which give me such a lift in spring with their early fresh white flowers, have decided it must be spring, and are merrily 'making a show' amongst my little Oak trees!

Mind you! the whole house seems upside down with the news that Hubby P's job is a bit wobbly again, he is just hanging on in there - its a bit week to week. Like a lot of people I imagine - this Recession thing doesn't seem to be getting any better.
I just thought I would share with you my newly acquired skill - I've mastered the art of buying music from itunes and downloading it to my ipod shuffle - just love this little sexy pink bit of kit!

What fun I had browsing the music - a girl could spend a fortune (and waste a whole day!) just sat singing along to all the ol' tunes!

I was very choosy - mindful that we may not have a wage commin in soon!

But an afternoon spent with Tom Jones (200lbs Of Heavenly Joy! -its enough to make a girl swoon!!) The Drifters, Mary Black, Dr Hook etc etc has cheered me no end! Everyone is on itunes it seems!! I can see many a visit coming up!

Not a lot at the carboot - a little junky table - for pennies, I thought I could do it up a bit!
Not that I am short of things to do - why is it we can't pass up a bargain.

A couple of nice hats - a girl has to have one or two hats for the winter - or seven or eight or more ? in my case. I know - its gettin a bit out of hand!

I thought this one with the brim was a bit Beatles era - kinda looking! Have you seen all the coverage on the Tv about the Beatles - I just love it all - just to look at the fashions.
This one is a bit small on me - it may end up on ebay - after all we may need the extra cash!

But I do like this pink one - you know how I like pink - got myself some hot pink leggings too! It should brighten up the dreary days of winter!
Tea time now - Hubby P is gnashing at the bit.
xx Take care till next time xx

Oh and here's just an evil looking Chicken - for my good friend Gary!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I Spent The Shopping Money On A Fourposter Bed! - Is That Very 'Blonde'??

Hello there! All Okay --- Goood!!
Hectic here - still with a houseful, and more guests expected in a week or two - did I blink - where did Summer go?
I wont even mention the rain! and rain - and some!!
Anyway enough of the dismal stuff - Guess what I bought for the princely sum of £35!
A real wooden (Pine) fourposter bed!
Just sat there it was - at a carboot sale - in a muddy field.
You could see it from the other side of the field because the people selling it had put it together - anyway it was late in the day, and I suppose not many people could envisage buying it and fitting it into their Fiesta - or whatever! so - the stall holders were tired and really Not wanting to take it home with them.
I pointed it out to Hubby P and he said -'it'al be a fortune - all that wood must have cost a bomb - but ask if you must' - so I did - nearly had a fit when she said £40, I pleaded my poverty, and asked if she could do better, and she said £35 - how good is that!
I had my shopping cash with me, I don't usually take that much to carboot, otherwise it is just too tempting to a for a girl like me!! Vintage hats and the like - a big temptation! So the shopping money went on a bed, and so its beans for tea this week!
Hubby P looked resigned - but went for the van and loaded it up.
Here it is in its unadorned raw state -in bits! Hubby P thinks it has been someones project - it was without top rails (Hubby P soon acquired these from a woodshop - type of place), and the bed had obviously not been used.
As you can see we were completely unprepared for the arrival of huge bits of bed - we hastily dismantled the old bed and took it to the tip - just to give us the room to try and put it up!
As usual hubby P got out his trusty wizzy electric screwdriver and whatnot and had it up in a trice!
There was a moment or two of domestic dis-harmony whilst choosing paint, I fancied a rather gentle shade of pink - but that was just not going to happen. Hubby P was resigned to the idea that the bed would have drapes - I promised no frills! but he was not going to sleep in a pink bed!
We settled on a nice cream colour.

Its very difficult to get a photo of the bed - the bedroom being that small, but here's a couple of snapshots of the almost finished bed. I have used an old vintage bedspread for the (small - no frills drapes - as specified by Hubby P), the backdrop has a lovely embroidered flower spray on it. And I used some of my Victorian Lace curtains to add some vintage charm.
Believe it or not, the little dress hung up was once mine when I was a Flower girl at a wedding - I was a tiny dot - don't know what happened!

I didn't put drapes at the foot of the bed, for one I hadn't enough fabric, and secondly I just know Hubby P will get tangled and do himself an injury! To be honest, now the bed is up, there isn't a lot of room to get around it - but its pretty - and so comfy.
As I said to Hubby P ' I feel like 'The Princess And The Pea'! - I didn't get an answer, maybe it was wiser of him not to say what he was thinking!
Of course all this moving furniture about makes such a mess - loads of cleaning up, washing down walls where cupboards have been - enough to give a girl the vapours!

Remember the screen - I still haven't done anything with it, the two really bad panels are hidden behind it. The cabinet I use was my Grandparents, as a linen press - keep all my nice table linen and lacy pillow slips in it. It was in the bedroom, but its been evicted from there due to the arrival of the huge bed. So now it resides in the living room - and that means I have to keep the linen looking nicely folded - all neat and tidy!

Here's just an odd pic of my hat pins - a girl can't have too many hat pins!

And gloves - 50p a pair - picked up at the carboot, in pretty pink!
Hankies were 10p each!
Such bargains - how is a girl to leave them behind.

Not much else to show you - I did 'spend up' a bit when I got the bed!
I'm looking for some nice vintage-y bedspreads now - for my new bed.

I leave you with a pic of my sad, rain drenched flowers, where oh' where has summer gone!

(Oh! and note for Gary -I am not mentioning my new domestic appliances - that would be a touch vulgar, but I do have a set of shiny new pans!!)

xx Take care xx Bye for Now xx