Monday, 28 January 2013

Make a Few Little Thrifty Pennies

Hello there ...
What an awfully wet day we have here ... and its forecasting force 7 gales this evening...

O woe is me ...

 Such wet and windy weather ... I'm quite tired of it.
It seemed quite dark today too.

All the garden was looking sorry for itself too ... damp and dreary.

I needed to focus on something positive ... do something useful..
and what could be more useful at the moment than a few extra pennies. 

Having bought Hubby P some much needed new boots and an Approved Food order my 'pin money' stash is much depleted. 
So I had a root about the house and 'tidied' some bedroom drawers ...its amazing the amount of 'stuff' a body acquires ..I'm sure some of it breeds in the dark of the cupboards.

How many scarves does a girl need ... some are colours I would never wear ... just pretty .. I suppose that's what I was thinking.

Anyway surplus to requirements ... so off to Ebay with you. I know they won't make a lot ... but you know what they say ..

...Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves' 

 I'm holding on to this thought...

Spring and Summer has got to be on its way ...
and we can smell the flowers...

What makes it Spring for you?