Friday, 14 March 2008

Its too cold to play outside!

Its just too cold to play outside today, I know the garden needs some attention, but it will have to wait until it warms up a bit. I have done a little bit - the tomato seedlings have at last been potted on, I am sure they gasped a sigh of relief!
So as you can see from the pics, I am full of sewing, sewing, sewing in my head, my work area is a tip, but I am having a good time!

You have never seen a body throw together a potato pie and stick it in the oven, as fast as I did last night when, totally absorbed in my sewing - I looked at the clock and it was nearly time for my hubby to be home from work - he's given up smoking (I am so proud of him, It must be really hard when he's smoked for ages) and consequently he comes in as hungry as a horse! Must be better organised tonight -Yea Ha ha!

This is what I have been playing with, Its some old fabric I picked up with characters from the comic 'Beano' on it. I have appliqued them on to a basic tote style bag made from a vintage woollen blanket, and will line it with the same comic fabric. I quite like these old blankets they make really soft touchy, feeley kinda bags.

The thing is with sewing, and all crafty things think - I always have a list in my head of the next thing, the next project - that bit of wonderful fabric sat there on the shelf calling out to me ! - Is it just me??

This is just another of my little Tote type bags -I have a case full of similar bits and bobs!

A friend of mine has introduced me to Etsy. She helped me set up a shop, the whole thing scares me a bit because the money is in dollars! I know wimpy me! We must think globally I know - scares me though! Anybody had any luck with this way of selling ? It seems a huge market place, it will be an interesting experience, hopefully I will meet similar, interesting people.
Oh and the shop is called have a peek and let me know what you think.

Going to go and at least pull something out of the freezer -Be Prepared! - then I can sew!