Thursday, 17 January 2013

Grannies Knitting Lives On ....And Thrifty Pizza

Hello there ... 
hope you are having a good week.

We've been sorting household clearance stuff again ... it can be quite sad with the old photographs and such like.
 And rootling about in old sewing/knitting bags can bring a tear to my eye .... the things I find ... there is nothing so personal as someones hand stitched needle case .... and unfinished project.

 I found these tiny crocheted bits the other day ... just in a little paper bag  ...stuffed in the bottom of an old quilted knitting bag ... somebody... somewhere.... had begun something ... a crafty notion unfulfilled.

As it was a rather quiet day ..... I was sat in a rather large draughty hall serving customers and generally people watching.

I thought I would make them into something ... just to remember the needlewoman who went before ... was she someones Grannie .... Grannie who? Grannie Ivy perhaps ... my Gran was an Ivy.

I had only what I had with me ...basic sewing stuff but I managed to start to form them into a little purse. I found some old white ... seen better days .. napkins, to make an inner lining .. and an old zip.
Its not finished yet I have left it in my bag to work on when I have a quiet few minutes at the car boot sale.

 Yesterday these came tumbling out of an old plastic bag....
another Grannie reaching out...

 These are so darling ...itsy bitsy squares in lovely pastel-y... muted colours. 
What did she have in mind for them?

I thought I could put them together kinda ... like this.... and make a cuddly cushion .... what do you think ?... think Grannie would like it?
I have actually started sewing them together ... you know when your fingers just itch to get sewing .... I'll keep you posted.

I had to break off to feed these men ... food can be a bit wearisome at times ... and I had left it a bit late to start making a dinner ....truth be known I had stood out in the freezing cold ... at the carboot sale from 7.30 this morning until 3 this afternoon .... 
so I wasn't incined to be a Domestic Goddess this evening.

I grabbed some of these from the freezer .... an Approved Foods bargain ... something like a dozen packets for a £1... I have loads in the freezer ... great stand by.

Whacked on some ....again cheapo Approved Foods tomato puree (mixed with a dash of brown sauce) 

 Fried up what came to hand as I opened the fridge/freezer ....onion, manky looking mushrooms, handful of frozen peppers and sprinkling of sweetcorn.
Popped it on top with a bit ....perhaps more than a bit .... we like cheese....and put them in the oven for 20 mins.

Lovely with a bit of salad and beetroot chutney ... its kinda chutney weather don't you think ?

So whats keeping you sane these dark and dismal days ... bit of sewing and a dollop of chutney.. next to a roaring fire.. does it for me ..x

Take care .... bye for now xx