Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Waste Not Want Not ...Habit of a Lifetime...?

Hello there ... 
hope you are all well ...
 I'm just trying to catch up with your blog posts .. 
all your doings ...

So what have I been doing ?
 ... trying to make the most of what I have stashed away.

Waste Not Want Not
 ... drummed into be as a child 
... I was thinking about it today as I sat at my sewing machine.
It has become a part of my life
 ... a habit 
... I strive to find a use for everything
... such time, energy, and resources to produce things ... we need to make the most of them.

I was given this lovely fabric a while ago ... yards and yards of it was destined for the rag bag ... it was still on its original roll ... never been used.
I made some simple little tea towels ... the fabric is so fresh.. bright ... and cheerful ... with a bit of an autumnal feel ... 

 I've sold lots of them at the car boot ... just the cheery colour makes a girl smile!
And today I have put one on ebay ... you never know .. be nice to think they might travel around the country spreading a little cheeriness!

 I found these amongst the fabric stash too..

 A pair of nice old towelling curtains 
... I just love this brazen retro design. 
The fabric had seen better days ... too rough and ready for me to sell on ... although I must say I do like a fabric that has seen a bit of life ... they have a softness .. a gentle faded look

... so I made something just for me to enjoy.

 A couple of tea towels .... a Girl can't have too many!

 Even a little dishcloth from the scraps .. (do you like my new splash back tiles.... I've been saving these for years... in a box in the shed .. we found them at the tip ... at last I have them fitted!).

 And a nice new ... super absorbent ... roller towel... a must for the grimy hands of Hubby P.

I think it look rather jolly!

A couple of little cushions ... this fabric was once a lovely Welsh wool blanket ... it came to me in pieces .. someone had cut it up to make chair covers (rather badly ) ... too lovely to just throw away ... so it made two cushions and a lap blanket...

... and a couple of little purses from the scraps.

It lets the beauty of the fabric live on ... and all that time effort and craftsmanship can be enjoyed and appreciated a while longer.

Its just knowing what to do with all this hand made stuff ... whats it like selling on etsy and the like these days? 

Where is a good place to sell ?

 I have them for sale on the stall but I wonder if Christmas Fairs etc may be a better option ... what do you think?

 Its all very well sat at the sewing machine all day .. but these things are still falling from the tree...

They are from the very uppermost branches ... no one could reach to pick them ...
so now they are falling ...
great chunky flavoursome apples ...

So that's tomorrows job ... something with apples.

Waste Not Want Not ... 
as Gran would say ... 
'you will be glad of them apples come a cold hard winter' ...

Bye for now 

xx take care xx