Friday, 28 March 2008

And Now Its Raining - Again!!

The day started wonderfully well! I received this beautifully wrapped gift from Twiggypeasticks! Almost too pretty to open! So exciting! And a lollipop too!
Carefully opened, the goodies revealed! A sweet little cushion with little heart shaped trim - I shall use it as a pin cushion, so that I can keep it on my sewing table to remind me of sweet friends. And of course to the 'button addict'- the buttons were to swoon over!
Thank you so much Twiggy -You Made My Day!

Look how sweet my little cushion looks on my sewing table!

I thought you might like to see my latest little find - I don't expect you to be too thrilled if you are not a sewing fiend! But if you are you can imagine my delight in finding this felt (50p/piece) in such vibrant, pretty colours - I nearly snatched the ladies hand off!
Of course Hubby makes the usual remark of 'What are you going to do with all that?' - silly question! Must be something wonderful to make from it, just like the hoards of other materials I have - stacked everywhere!

I had seen a nice painting on Etsy of Toadstools - No - I resisted buying it! Anyway the toadstools were in similar colours to my felt, so I thought I would have a go at Toadstools - this is the panel sort of half done, I thought I would add some simple embroidery to jazz it up a bit.

I will have to do something with the panel - not sure yet - maybe a small cushion or a little bag - Will keep you posted. Felt is so easy - it doesn't fray!

I started yesterday painting the conservatory (with wood preservative stuff) - it was so warm yesterday the stain stuff was steaming as I put it on the wood! - I had to wear my sun specks! So I got up today all Gung Ho -ready to gloss the window frames - and of course we are back to winter and lashings of rain! I have done a bit - between the showers - I know I shouldn't in the rain, but I do so want to get it out the way then I can play in the garden (I've spent sooo much on plants and summer bulbs (Ebay - you can buy anything!), I dare not tell how much - its a bit embarrassing! - My One Weakness!

Yes! I painted around the pots - typically female thing to do! Who has time to fiddle about taking things down, no one can see behind!

Even Uncas the dog is fed up with the rain!