Sunday, 7 March 2010

Apples, Wool's, Nudie Bunnies! And a Springtime Giveaway!!

What a lovely weekend!
Hope you all had a nice time too - this spring-y sort of sunshine was most welcome, although its gone mighty cold tonight.
Hubby p and I had a busy time visiting the carboot sales and generally tidying the garden, chopping wood and whatnot.
We had a nice surprise visit this afternoon from an old friend. He came bearing gifts, in the guise of bags full of apples! - most welcome as my freezer stocks have run out.
He had stored the autumn harvest of apples in boxes (each apple wrapped in paper and carefully placed in the box). He was looking through them - to remove any that have started to go rotten, and he has such a lot left he kindly thought we might like some, and arrived bearing lovely wondrous appley fruit!

They smell Divine!
So - they need to be processed quickly, now they are out of their wrappings of paper and dark boxes, so I will peel and chop and freeze tomorrow! But what a treat - just got to have a taste, so I threw together a crumble for pud.

I chopped a few of the apples - the peelings going to the chickens (nothing wasted, they love a bit of fruit!) - and I literally reached to the back of the freezer and pulled forth a bag of the first fruit I grabbed. It turned out to be some Blackcurrants, a gift last summer from a friends garden. I think I was going to make some jam, but well, it didn't happen, so there they sat. And a welcome addition they are to our fruity crumble.
I just scattered a couple of handfuls of the currants amongst the apples and mixed a bit of crumble topping - into the oven and bobs yer whatsit - yummy!
Isn't food a lovely thing!
Not a great deal of treasure found at the carboots, but it was nice to walk around in the fresh air and sunshine, greet friends and have a natter.
I found some remnants of Welsh Tapestry wool fabric, and some unusual table mats, nice bits and bobs for crafting.

I realised I had got quite a lot when I got home and had a sort out, and trying to keep my fabric stash withing 'reasonable' bounds I sorted some into ebay lots. I sorted out a few of the Harris Tweed sample pieces too - I've got to be realistic - just how many am I going to use, and I thought it nice that someone else could share.

So with that in mind how about a Springtime Giveaway - lets share the goodies around a bit. I will put together a little bundle of the Harris Tweed-y bits, and other fabric bits and sewing notions - there is a good chance there may be some buttons too (I do have one or two!) - A Springtime Sewing Goody Bag!
All you need do is leave me a comment - what kind of thing do you like best about my blog - is it sewing/crafting, Thrifty Snippets, pic's of the Garden or Hubby P and I stumbling through life?

That's of course if you are a sewing/crafting sort of Gal, and would like to be put in the draw. As you know its so nice to get comments, nice to know someone 'out there' is listening!

I will do the draw next Sunday evening.

This weeks sewing/crafting - a few Nudie Bunnies, just waiting to be dressed, all ready for Easter.

So that's me for tonight, better get to work on the Bunnies Easter is not far off, and Mr Postie will have to give them a lift to their new homes.

Hubby P has just bought be a glass of wine, and I'm Chilli' ere with Charlie cat!
xxx Take care xxx