Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy St Davids Day and What a Lovely Sunshiny Day Too!!

Well! What a lovely day! All bright and sunshiny - I played out in the garden all day!
I do hope you had a bit of sunshine in your little corner of the world - it makes a Girl feel that much better!
Just look at that blue, blue sky!

I am sat on the summer house steps just drinking in the sunshine!
(this is a bit of a photo heavy/long post, but the photos came out so well I wanted to share them with you!).

This is a view across the garden to the old mill (windmill used for milling wheat, and now houses bats!). When the trees are in leaf the mill is hidden from us, although the bats do visit.
Don't mind the blankets - they are having an airing on the washing line!

Yes! Its St Davids Day here in Wales, and this is the best I can do in the way of a Daffodil! Way behind this year - usually we have some Daffs out in the garden!

Whilst I was playing out in the garden, I was picking out the dead leaves and whatnot from the pots of cuttings when I came across this little guy! Very cute - I don't know who/what he is, I imagine hes going to be a moth of some sort. Anyone any idea?
I do hope he's not a bit early and will get caught out by a frosty morning.
We're having a bit of a worrying time with our little dog Fly. She has been scratching like mad and has developed almost bald patches on her back - all red and sore looking.
Richard has taken to the vets and we've has all sorts of pills and potions, he seems to think it may be that she is an older bitch and it may be her glands/hormonal sort of thing. Poor girl I know how she feels!
Anyway the vet thought she may respond to steroids - in a kind of 'try that next' sort of way. But to be honest he didn't really sound like he knew what was wrong, and I don't want to start giving her strong drugs - we have been spraying the area with a mixture of honey and water - it seems to give her a bit of ease. But the area is so sore looking.
So last night I had a thought - if it were me or one of the family I would make a soothing salve - I made some wonderful Comfry salve to help heal my ankle when fell and broke it, it worked a treat.
So I looked in the cupboard!

I found some nice wholesome ingredients that wouldn't harm her when she licked thew area - which she is want to do.

I gently melted the lard - used as a soothing 'base' to carry the honey and marigold.
Added a good handful of dried marigold (calendula) flowers.

I left the warmed mixture for a while, to allow the marigold to infuse all its goodness, and soothing properties into the lard.

I strained the lard into a bowl and added a couple of spoonfuls of the magic which we call honey, and stirred well until the lard cooled, and the mixture thickened.

I just made a little pot, once Richard has given her a good bath tomorrow - in some nice calming gentle shampoo (especially for dogs with skin complaints) we can start rubbing it in, I just hope it gives her some ease.

On a lighter note, its Easter soon - so my thoughts turned to Bunnies!

I bought this bolt of toweling fabric at the carboot sale a few weeks ago, it was only £2. I really didn't know what I was going to use it for, but it seemed a good buy at the time - you know what I mean!
Anyway - ideal for soft squishy bunnies - we have a few 'younger' people in our little family gang,
some still at the squirmy shriek-y age that will appreciate a Bunny thinks I!
So I fashioned a kinda pattern using a page of Hubby P's Times newspaper - all in a good cause!

Gave the bunnies a gentle stuffing - just enough to make them soft and squishy, and gave them a happy jolly face.

Pretty shoes and a flouncy frock!

And I just had to show you these - the cutest little buttons!
So that's me - that's whats been keeping this whirligig of my mind busy - I hope you have enjoyed whatever little thing it is that floats your boat!
xxx Take care! xxx Enjoy your week! xxx