Thursday, 11 October 2012

That Wet Stuff Again ... Pie Weather..

Hello there ....
Yes .. we've got that Wet Stuff again .... its not stopped all day..

 Every thing in the garden is looking soggy and bedraggled...

...lots of colour but looking damp and dreary.

Its so easy to feel dreary yourself if you are not careful ...
there is a lot of cold winter ahead of us ... can't start to feel dreary so soon.

I need to keep busy and feel I am doing something useful... something to help stock up the larder or 'put by' for tough times .... I do believe they are putting up the cost of power gas/electricity ...  Oh joy! 

 Anyway the oven was on low warming up some of last nights Lamb Hotpot ... for today's lunch .... so I made a couple of sweet pies.
Simple fillings of jam (for Richard) and some of the Mincemeat I made the other day (it is yummy)...
..a simple warming treat with a dollop of custard.

We had a simple dinner of boiled eggs and toast (dippy eggs and soldiers).
 I am trying to cut back on the amount of meat we eat ...after all we  don't need meat everyday ... although Hubby P does does enjoy it and has a fright if I try to introduce him to a chick pea.

Even Percy the pigeon was looking a bit fed up today .... he tends to hang around the garden when Hubby P is out and about.

 Here he is having a chat with Hubby P ... you can just see him on top of the bird house.

I stayed inside out of the wet... thinking of what useful thing I could do to prepare... to stock up... I thought the best thing would be to try and make a few pennies.
I had spent all my paypal 'savings' on a Approved Food order last week .. so I need to replenish funds.

So I set about listing a few bits and bobs on ebay .... its been a wonderful thing for me ... I don't ever get huge prices for things ... I just list little bits ... but it all adds up 'many a mickle makes a muckle' all that.
There must be lots of ways of earning extra money ... and every little helps ... after all you wouldn't walk past a 50p coin in the street and not pick it up ... every little helps.
In the dim and distant past ... even pre Hubby P ... not quite the stone age .. but a while ago...I was on my own with two small children.
Money was very tight .... I did ironing for people, cleaning, baking, sewing, delivering leaflets, selling crafts, babysitting, and even a stint at making/packing Christmas cards ... they sent us the wrong ones to pack ....full of glitter ...
My friend and I had a kind of conveyor belt system going with the children helping .... gosh .. there was glitter everywhere ...we were finding it months later.
The things we did for a few extra pounds ... every little helped.

There was no ebay then ... I could put a card up in the Newsagents window ..'Such and such For Sale' but I remember being a little afraid of having strange people come to the house ...being on my own.... tis indeed a different world nowadays.

So .... every little helps ... what is it you do to make a few extra pounds.... what can we all do .... any ideas?