Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Looking Up!!

Stationed as I am, snuggled in my new Steamer chair, in my 'magic circle' in the garden - at least I am when the sun shines - and intend to be there for most of the Summer!
As I was saying, lounging in the chair yesterday I noticed what a completely new view I had of the garden, the plants had a new bright vibrancy where the sun shine through them, and looking up through them gave them an almost appliqued look as the blue, blue sky backed them.
I took a few photo's to try and capture the afternoon!
This (above) is one of the first stems/spears of my Giant Golden Oats - it was my Mothers, and when she passed on she had left written instructions for us to dig up and take, and care for, her precious plants! Not a mention of ordinary 'boring ' household stuff - it was her plants she treasured most. This clump of a plant grows enormously tall spear shaped stems - then out pop these tassels of delicate oats. They wave gently in the breeze all summer, and can be cut and dried for winter decoration.

Can you see the first of my poppy heads just peeking through - soon it will burst into wonderful bright red perfusion!

The Alliums I put in last year have done so well, don't they look striking against the blue sky!

And how pretty are each of these little flowerlets! - this reminds me of a magical fairy carnival carousel

That 'fresh' green that you only get in summer.

And pretty, pretty pink aquilegias!

Just wanted to show you this incredible moss that is thriving on some old rope. We found the rope years ago on the beach, I think it had come off some ship or other - I remember it was very wet, and very heavy, but we lugged it home. Over the years it has graced the garden in many guises, but the last couple of years it has been kind of strung or looped along some beams around our little sitting area.

The moss has grown and spread along the rope and a whole little forest of -moss flowers? or whatever you call them - has sprung up! Its like a magical little world, the photo's don't do it justice.

This is really what I was supposed to be doing - weeding! Well I got as far as getting my trug and gloves - but the sun was shining - and well you know - it just didn't happen!

First of the rhubarb - well I tell a lie really, the first of the rhubarb didn't last long enough for me to get the camera out -it was so delicious!

As was this we had for Tea last night with cream of course! It was Sooooooo Yum!

Off to Lancashire for a long weekend to see our family, so I will try and remember to take the camera! We are going early Friday so we can have a mooch around Bury Market, it supposed to be one of the best in the country - according to Hubby P - where no doubt he read it somewhere!
Of course growing up around that area its just 'the market' - when I was young most of the towns (Accrington, Bury, Blackburn, Haslingden, Clitheroe etc) all had regular markets, its where you did your shopping, and got your first job, as a Saturday Girl!
Anyway it will be nice to re-visit the place and of course see family.
Bury market - um lets see? that will be Black Puddings all round then!!
xx Take care xx