Saturday, 11 October 2008


Hi You!
Just a quick post - just to share with you, my exciting finds really. I am Soooo thrilled, just wait until you see what I have found! - admittedly some of you (like my Son who just shook his head in dismay!) will think Yuk! But I love it - and Hubby P says so too - not really that he would have said NO, not if he values his life!
Anyway! - Thursday was Auction day - Hubby P had booked a day off work especially to accompany me (read that as restrain/control my bidding fever!).
Wednesday afternoon was viewing - when you can go along, buy a catalogue, and see what goodies there are to be had. I went along - well when I saw it! I just knew I had to have it, it would look so fine in my new kitchen- cum - dining area. I marked it in the catalogue along with other possible 'treats'!

Come Thursday morning and Auction Fever was upon me! I just love it, the atmosphere of the Auction Rooms, that sense of anticipation, everyone intent on their bidding.
I had prepared Hubby P on my 'Find' - and yes, when he saw it he liked it well enough - not as gushy as me! He was just apprehensive as to whether we would be lucky enough _ or have enough cash! to out bid the various Dealers who were there.
Well! i this is what I got so excited about - looks better than in the photo. Its just so 'Heartbeat' - you know the Sunday night drama on TV, set in the 1960's.
I just loved the whole set, there is the glass topped dresser/sideboard-y thing, a basic old white shabby, shelved cupboard, chest of similar kitchen drawers, and the yellow Formica drop leaf table.
I just have to drag all my nice vintage glassware out of the 'storage' boxes ( you know the things you keep sored away, because 'some day' you will have somewhere to put them!) - they will look great in the new dresser.

Of course the actual bidding for the thing was Sooo thrilling - dare I say it better than sex! We had to keep our nerve and bid and bid and bid - till the others gave up. Wow what a adrenalin rush!
Of course buying all this lot meant 3 trips home with it all for Hubby P. Not to worry I told him - I had a taste for it now - I will wait here and bid for the 'odd' thing - to be truthful he had marked in the catalogue, some books he was interested in.
Well that was me sunk/sucked in well and truly, anything vaguely interesting (or cheap!) I was in there!

Look at this little lot, so pretty - Of course now I have to decide which to keep and which to ebay (just got to recover some of my money - ready for next Auction day!).
The compacts are really so pretty and in such good order - its gonna be tough choosing!

And of course a Hat!
Not just any hat- a Vintage silk hat from Liberty of London, in its original tatty/shabby box. I just fell for the box - before I looked inside. What is it about us and old tatty things. Mind you the hat is wonderful! I wonder what occasion M.A. Bale of Abergyvenny bought the hat for in 1967. I like to think she had wonderful, life enhancing time in the hat - maybe met the man of her dreams, who whisked her off her feet - then again it could be just another wedding! All the information is clearly shown on the address label on the box! - how intriguing is that!
Gotta go now - its all go! Car Boot sale tomorrow!
Ta Ta Take care xxx