Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Boon To A Thrifty Housewife ... And New Shoes!

New shoes.... well not exactly new...pretty vintage really.... but new to me today I've been wear'in um in as they say.

Feet look quite glam .... shame about the face as they say ha ha!
Not a glam day... having to wear my dingy collar... sore neck an all that, at least I'm indoors and not frightening the natives!

Bit of thrifty luck yesterday ... a 'boon to a thrifty body' as they say.....
I bought my veg as usual from the market grocer ... and as it was the end of the day he gave me a big bag of mushrooms to 'use up'.
They were looking a bit past their best .... and as he said its better someone eat them up rather than just throw them away... so mushrooms it is for tea.

What to do with a large bagfull of free mushrooms....
I consulted the Queen Mum and a made a cuppa..... tis is my favourite mug at the moment. I think everyone must have a favorite mug.... just the right size, shape and ...well the tea just tastes that bit better.

I fried up a big pan of the mushrooms with a couple of onions and  a rather bashed looking bit of garlic I found in the bottom of the veg bin.

 Fashioned a couple of quiche's with a bit of cheese.... added some of the mushrooms to a bit of stewing steak for tomorrows dinner.... and saved a helping of mushrooms for Richards meal. 
He's not keen on quiche.... whereas Hubby P is a huge fan .... life is full of surprises I find...
 Hubby P doesn't come across as a quieche-y sort of bloke... but there you are!

Turned out looking nice and tasty.

 Find of the week these cute little beakers ... who remembers these? I think everyone had them at one time ... and nowadays they are quite on trend with their spots.

And just look at my pretty flowers ... I just so love flowers.
They were given to me by the couple who sell the veg... I like to think of them as friends ..... 
Hubby P has been 'letting the cat out of the bag' and letting it be known to all and sundry that I have a 'significant' ... as he puts it .... Birthday at the weekend.

What he means is I am 50 years old on Saturday ... I really don't mind .... no..honestly!  
Its just a number .... I'm glad I have got so far... and have so many people in my life ... so many to love.

So a small celebration at the weekend ... family and friends ... all relaxed and casual ...plenty of nice food and drink.

And how nice very lovely .... that I have a house with flowers from kindly friends.

xx bye for now  xx