Monday, 27 April 2015

Blousey.. Fading Matrons .. and A Pretty New Little Girl...

 Hello there .. hope all is well with you.

Spring is into its stride now .. pushing toward summer 
.. and we've had some nice sunshiny days.

The strong bright red tulips have turned into blousey matrons .. 
fading their way away into summer ... 
the garden has come alive and is rioting away ..
fresh and green .. 
with that wonderful smell .. umm...

 Its so nice to see a bit of colour and watch the busy bees.

Its the first time I've planted Wallflowers .. are they perennial? .. do I just leave them where they are?
They have done very well ..
 and were/are such a nice burst of colour.
Cheered a Girl up no end...!

Hubby P .. well he's up to his usual tricks .. 
buying big heavy stuff ..
Now he's crawling around with a bad back.

Do you like his Victorian barrow?

It was used in the cattle holding pens near the docks in Holyhead. 
The cattle were held/housed there whilst waiting to be loaded onto ships for Ireland .. the barrow was used to cart straw and feed for the animals.

But of course its big bulky .. and heavy to lift in and out of the van.

Me .. well .. I've been listing a few bits on eBay.

Hubby P was laughing at me because when I get a sale or two I say ' well .. that will pay the Council Tax .. or Tesco .. or BT .. or whatever!
Is a woman thing do you think .. to earmark certain funds for certain bills?

To me money is just a way to move forward .. an exchange for goods .. I don't really get a lot out of hoarding the stuff .. money for the sake of money.

And sorting buttons ... do you like my high tech button sorting equipment..!

 A Girl can never have enough buttons ..
this lot will keep my sewing girls happy for a while.

 Now this little Girl showed up in a dusty old box in the back of Hubby P's van ... 
goodness knows where from.
She has lost her frame and any any indication of who she might be along the way 
... poor little orphan!
These little lost souls rarely find new homes .. 
so they come to live with us..

I wonder who she is ...
what's her story..?
Clearly she was much loved .. someone has lovingly painted her likeness ...
and she looks happy.

I call her Iris ... I think its the blue in her dress .. 
do you think she looks like an Iris.?

Anyway enough of me ..I'm off to fill hotwaterbottles and tend to Hubby P..!

Bye for now x

Monday, 13 April 2015

Just A Little Busy With Work ... Hey Ho'

Hello there ...
Hope you are all well .. its been a while since my last post ..
I've just been a bit busy with work ..
Hope you all had a nice Easter .

As I say ..its been all work .. work .. and more work ..
so I am afraid all I have to show you are work pic's today.

We've had a day of sorting stock ready for trading this week ... and sorting through all the odd boxes that get stored away (for another day) and then get promptly forgotten about.

 We changed all the stock about and freshened things up ... 
here we have a nice little collection of boxes and baskets .. everyone loves a nice box to keep their treasures safe.

 I managed to persuade Hubby P to pull all the boxes of books out from under the tables and sort through them ..
 its so hard not to stand there reading them .. 
a good way to lose time ..
anyway they are out and easily 'pick upable' if you know what I mean .. 
I think everyone love a nice book..

This is an interesting lot .. 
I have just unpacked it from a rather tatty and grubby box .. 
from someones loft I think.
It is a whole heap of unused photograph mounts .. 
you know the kind that were used to hold wedding photographs ..
 lovely card .. 
they look and feel .. 'if you know what I mean'  ... so pretty..

Look at this one with the pretty embossed windmill ..
I don't know what they could be used for ..
 other than vintage-y style photo's of course ..
but someone will have an idea ..
lots of lovely card for crafty projects.
There is also a fab 1950/60's .. unused wedding photo album .. 
ideal for someone having a vintage style wedding.

I know I am always saying it .. but it is truly amazing what turns up.

This doesn't look very sexy .. 
a load of tatty old leather.. harnesses and whatnot.
But we are always asked for this kind of thing .. people have all sorts of projects going on.
We have a number of re-enactment groups locally .. Napoleonic Hussars .. Sailors .. Pirates .. Native Americans and the odd Knight in Shining Armour .. 
So original .. used .. worn and aged leather is much sort after.
Hubby found us a goodly bag full.

And for the gardeners .. a few chimney pots ..
these always look good planted up.
Just always a bit heavy and clunky to move around.

Anyway .. that's all for now folks ... 
I'm off to have my tea.
Sorry its a bit short and sweet .. 
hopefully I can get some nice pic's of the garden soon .. 
its coming along nicely with this sunshine.

Take care ... bye for now x

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Blue Tits In The Box .. All Is Well In The Garden World...

Hello there .. 
hope Spring is springing in your part of the world .. or Autumn .. is it autumn down under?

All is well in the garden here .. 
the little Blue Tits have returned to the nest box that Will made for us some years ago  ..
 doesn't it fill you with hope to see (hopefully) the beginnings of new life.
They are so busy flitting back and forth.
This pic isn't the best ..
I took it out of the kitchen window .. 
and I had to 'zoom' a lot ..
 .. and 
.. well ... perhaps I should clean the windows!

 All is blooming ... just lovely!

 I don't know if you remember these
 Bleeding Hearts .. 
but they were planted on Fly's resting place
 (Fly .. our old dog .. bless her).
Well they are pushing up through the earth ..
 and unfurling .. 
reaching for the sunshine .. 
they even have a flower or two. 
I do hope we don't get a late frost.
Such pretty colours.

 Whilst I was out and about the garden ..
 filling the bird tables with tasty seed and tit bits for our busy little birds ..
 I gathered some green stuff for the Girls.
They enjoy a good mix of grass .. 
young Borage leaves .. Goose grass ..and any other 'weeds' I can find.
Not that its hard to find weeds .. 
the garden is full of them ..
 but I don't mind ..
10 minutes weeding and its a feed for the chickens.
Good bit of greenery .. 
lots of iron and whatnot to enrich the eggs ... make those yolks nice and sunshiny yellow.

What else this week ... well ..
 a few little Easter treats for the 'children' .. 
think the eldest is 33yrs now .. 
but still they like an Easter egg!

I usually make some of these chocolate bunnies .. I have had the same mould for a few years. 
I find its cheaper than paying for Eggs .. 
I can buy a few bars of chocolate over the weeks from Christmas to Easter then I don't notice the expense.
 And these little bunny lollipops are easier to post.

Not a lot really .. just a little something .. 
little sweet treat to say Happy Easter
 .. and we're thinking of you.

An odd Thrifty day too.
I had a bit of a wind fall with a 20% discount on my catalogue .. I think its because I just pay anything off as soon as possible .. so they want to encourage me to keep buying.
Well I don't mind .. 
I keep an eye on their sale department .. 
only really buy .. On Sale
... clothes are so expensive. 
Anyway .. I needed some new nighties and my dressing gown was rather shabby
 .. you know how it is .. you think .. 
my Goodness
 .. if ever I have to go into hospital 'what a shabby mess I would look' .. lol!

So I got a couple of new nighties and a new dressing gown .. posh or what!

Now these came packed up to the hilt .. 
lots of tissue paper and plastic bags.
So .. not to waste anything (of course!) ..
I got a pile of tissue for wrapping ..
 plastic bags for bagging up knitting wool for selling on the stall.
A pile of good soft rags from the old 'past it' nighties .. 
so useful for Hubby P .. painting and polishing and whatnot.
A few buttons off the old nighties and dressing gown. 

And the old dressing gown .. 
well it still had some useful fabric in it .. 
it was the sleeve/cuffs that were really grim
 .. so the nice fleecy fabric made some new cuddly hot water bottle covers.
Just a quick functional simple bag shape .. quick and easy .. and no waste.

So that's been my week so far ... 
been listing more vintage goodies on the dreaded eBay today ...
 Gosh its boring .. but it buys the tins of beans .. an all that!

What have you been up too .. 
anything Thrifty to share?