Friday, 27 November 2009

Hello there, hope alls well with you!
Just a catch up post, I don't know about you, I seem to be so busy trying to sort out this Christmassy thing! What gifts to find for everyone? I am sure everyone has got far too much of everything as it is!
I've just been outside to see what the 'greenery situation' is - I usually make Christmas wreaths and bits and bobs of decoration from greenery in the garden and local hedgerows.
The Rosemary is putting on a fine show, it is even having a go at flowering!
I espied Charlie cat amongst the plants, he's in Hubby P's bad books at the moment.
On Saturday evening I had taken some steak out of the freezer to defrost for Sundays lunch, I put in a dish and covered it well with a clean teatowel. We returned home from the Car Boot Sale to find the house in uproar as Richard was trying to get all the 'guilty parties' - cat and dogs out of the house so he could clean up the mess. Charlie had been on the kitchen worktop, managed to get at the meat,get the packaging off, and dragged it through the house - dripping blood! Yuk! and was happily sharing it with the dogs when Richard came home!

Hubby P was not amused - he had to have pie for Sunday lunch!

Big decisions were made this week! Due to the digital switchover thingy, we would have had to get a freeveiw box of something similar, so Hubby P started looking on the net at the different types and repeatedly shouted to me (sat in the other room reading)' this one does this, this one does that, do we need it to record?' etc etc! Eventually I was tired of all this rubbish' about things that a) I really don't understand, and b) I really don't care about.
'Look' I said 'for me you could throw the thing out of the window - we don't watch it!'
And so the discussion began - result - no telly!
We treated ourselves to simple record deck so we could sit and listen to our 78's and LP's.
And money saved from paying for the TV licence!

Excitement of the week! Treasure at the local carboot sale!
I bought a chair! Not just any chair! a wonderfully old, comfy,'if only I could speak' chair!
It was an exhilarating, thrilling experience - we -Hubby P and I were stood with the rest of the throng of people waiting for the House Claerance Guy to unload his van. Now usually I stand back - people are pushing and shoving to get near enough to see in the boxes -its a bit mad!
However I espied this chair being carried over the heads of the 'throng' - Wow' - I thought!
So I pushed my way towards the guy with the chair and got hold of one side 'let me help you' I said, he put it down and I rearranged the cushions - I plopped myself down into it, Hubby P was enthusing about it - and it felt really comfortable!
By this time I could see the Dealers inching towards the Seller ready to make an offer - so I shouted (still sat in the chair) 'How Much??' - well he knows me well so he just held up ten fingers -£10! I caught Hubby P's eye and said 'Pay the Man'!
It was all done so quickly - you could see the surprise on the Dealers faces! One of them mumbled to Hubby P 'that's a £100 chair you have there - well done'

As you can see its in good vintage condition, I gave it a good going over with beeswax, and its come up great.

One or two areas of wear, but that's to be expected, and all adds to the charm!

Whilst Hubby P was cleaning down the sides of the chair - pulling out hair pins, straight pins, loads of fluff and dust, he found these.

I am sure many of you will remember Black Jack sweets from your childhood, only these wrappers seemed a little different. You an see they have little Golliwogs on them - well that's been very un PC for a while now. So Hubby P - being Hubby P! did a bit of research on't 'tinternet!
The only similar label he could find was in the Royal Albert Museum, it is a very early 1920's wrapper produced by Trebour for their sweets - Blackjacks, but with an aniseed flavour ( I remember them as being liquorice). Sooooooooooo have we got something rather rare? Is it worth anything?
Well Hubby P has put it on Ebay - just to see - it would be nice if the labels made just enough to pay for the chair!
Will keep you posted!
xx Take care for now xx