Saturday, 17 January 2015

Just A Quick Hello ... And Pretty Snowdrops ... To Cheer ..!

Hello there ... 
Just a quick post tonight..

 I just had to share these .. they are so pretty

 Bobbing away in the breeze. 
They are on top of a wall amongst the rough twiggy stems of the brambles ..

Every year they pop up .. without fail ... a little brightness against the grey of the cold landscape.

No snow here ..

Its very cold though ... 
and the log pile is getting smaller by the week ...

 We find what we can .. 
scrounge and forage any .. and all timber ..
 to supplement the logs and keep the wood burner going.

 Too cold to do much out doors .. 
we had to load the van for tomorrow's trading .. and I fished about for some bits to put on eBay.

Just look at this pretty lady..

She is one of a collection of Vintage Welsh Lady dollies .. all in need of a bit of TLC .. 
but lovely all the same .

Funny what we find stashed away in tins and boxes.

And who remembers these .. 
I clearly remember having them fastened in my hair .. and being warned 'not to loose them'.

Well that's all for now .. 
Take care  xx