Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Back from our Adventures!

Hello there, hope you all had a nice weekend, we had a great time visiting family in Lancashire, and mooching around old haunts!
Nice as it was though its still nice to be home, its the garden I miss the most, and it seems to have gone mad whilst we were away just those few days, its absolutely blooming!
The first thing I did on getting home was have a wander around the garden and pick a few flowers for the house, just re-bonding, re-affirming myself with my bit of Eden!
Please do notice the new oil cloth table covering - its a first! That is, the first time Hubby P has ever shown any real interest in 'Home Furnishings'. Our Son's who live near Manchester took us - well me really - to a Home Furnishing & fabric Mill - Hubby P usually hates these places and spends most of the time - it must be said, Patiently waiting - outside!
What a wonderful place - of course I wanted 'Lots and lots' of the fabric but restrained myself to one length of gingham for a top - very Oklahoma, Annie Get Your Gun!!
It was then that Hubby P pointed out the oil cloth and said it would look good at home, and make him feel like he was in an old fashioned cafe' - don't know about that bit (wanting the home to look like a cafe??!) - but anyway we were all so surprised at the new found interest we bought it for him - and now Hubby P can play cafe's!

We had mooch around Bury Market, it doesn't change - it felt a bit like stepping back in time. The Local Council have invested a lot of money in promoting the market and kept it in the centre of the town - where its always been - and it was thriving. You can buy anything, and everything there - there was a great hat stall - but I resisted!

We did have some traditional Black Pudding - hot from the stall with lashings of mustard - it was really nice - I chose a lean one - not to much fat in it. Traditionally they had great chunks of fat in the puddings - to keep the mill workers energy up I suppose!

We brought some home - so I thought we could have some for tea!

Of course the highlight of the weekend was spending time with our Granddaughters. Hubby P - or Grandad P as he is to them, came in for a lot of rough and tumble! His braces were a huge delight!

We had a nice day out at a little place called Edisford Bridge, near Clitheroe. The bridge runs over the River Ribble, its a great place to play in the water, and there is a childrens play area and whatnot.
I remember coming here as a child to play in the fresh clean water. I will always remember my Dad lost a sock - just the one - we couldn't find it, must have gone down the river. Its funny the little memories that you have stashed away!

There was a little steam railway too, and of course Grandad had to take the Girls for a ride!

Children and water! what is it about the cool splashy stuff - they just love it!

On the thrifting front - we went to Clitheroe carboot sale. It was a reasonably big one, and made a nice change. We found prices generally to be higher than at home, but I found a box of lace that I managed to barter down to a more reasonable price.

Here is a selection, drying in the sun - there is quite a lot so I am only half way through washing and ironing it - I find ironing so boring!
Of course I've no idea what I will do with it yet, although the little girls wanted some more Fairy dolls' so some will be used for that. I'll stash some and sell some on ebay probably.

I found some pretty Vintage scarves, I've given them a wash - here they are drying in the breeze! I thought they are so pretty - they remind me of my Grandmother, she was never without a scarf, and they always smelt lovely - of her I suppose!

Leave you with a pic of the first of my climbing roses. I do so love yellow roses!

x Bye for now x

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Looking Up!!

Stationed as I am, snuggled in my new Steamer chair, in my 'magic circle' in the garden - at least I am when the sun shines - and intend to be there for most of the Summer!
As I was saying, lounging in the chair yesterday I noticed what a completely new view I had of the garden, the plants had a new bright vibrancy where the sun shine through them, and looking up through them gave them an almost appliqued look as the blue, blue sky backed them.
I took a few photo's to try and capture the afternoon!
This (above) is one of the first stems/spears of my Giant Golden Oats - it was my Mothers, and when she passed on she had left written instructions for us to dig up and take, and care for, her precious plants! Not a mention of ordinary 'boring ' household stuff - it was her plants she treasured most. This clump of a plant grows enormously tall spear shaped stems - then out pop these tassels of delicate oats. They wave gently in the breeze all summer, and can be cut and dried for winter decoration.

Can you see the first of my poppy heads just peeking through - soon it will burst into wonderful bright red perfusion!

The Alliums I put in last year have done so well, don't they look striking against the blue sky!

And how pretty are each of these little flowerlets! - this reminds me of a magical fairy carnival carousel

That 'fresh' green that you only get in summer.

And pretty, pretty pink aquilegias!

Just wanted to show you this incredible moss that is thriving on some old rope. We found the rope years ago on the beach, I think it had come off some ship or other - I remember it was very wet, and very heavy, but we lugged it home. Over the years it has graced the garden in many guises, but the last couple of years it has been kind of strung or looped along some beams around our little sitting area.

The moss has grown and spread along the rope and a whole little forest of -moss flowers? or whatever you call them - has sprung up! Its like a magical little world, the photo's don't do it justice.

This is really what I was supposed to be doing - weeding! Well I got as far as getting my trug and gloves - but the sun was shining - and well you know - it just didn't happen!

First of the rhubarb - well I tell a lie really, the first of the rhubarb didn't last long enough for me to get the camera out -it was so delicious!

As was this we had for Tea last night with cream of course! It was Sooooooo Yum!

Off to Lancashire for a long weekend to see our family, so I will try and remember to take the camera! We are going early Friday so we can have a mooch around Bury Market, it supposed to be one of the best in the country - according to Hubby P - where no doubt he read it somewhere!
Of course growing up around that area its just 'the market' - when I was young most of the towns (Accrington, Bury, Blackburn, Haslingden, Clitheroe etc) all had regular markets, its where you did your shopping, and got your first job, as a Saturday Girl!
Anyway it will be nice to re-visit the place and of course see family.
Bury market - um lets see? that will be Black Puddings all round then!!
xx Take care xx

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Ready For Sunshiny Days! On A Shoestring!

Well the suns been out, and the garden is blooming! I've just been geering up for the long lazy summer days!
I treated myself to this Steamer chair - my last one gave up the ghost last year and fell to bits! I won the Steamer on Ebay - 'Oh Blessed are Thou, Oh wonderful 'sitting at home' shopping site!'
I think of my Ebay /Paypal money a bit like Monopoly money - not quite real, well you never see or hold it in your hand, do you? So I spend it on things I wouldn't normally just splash out on!
I think of it as Pin Money, just selling bits and pieces around the house, vintage pieces I tire of, or unwanted clothes (of a rather larger size - for those of you with a luscious figure like mine!!!). Some bits come in boxes from the Household Auction - I will have bought the box full (they usually sell in box fulls!), I take what I wanted from the box and put any interesting bits on Ebay - shame to just throw them away, someone somewhere will love them!
So - Cheers to Ebay! One very nice new Steamer chair, all ready, snuggled in what I call by Circle - its sort of a sunken area surrounded by slate pillars one side and garden on the other. It has a chipped slate floor - its lovely and warm, shielded from the wind.
Bargain of the day has to be this sun shade and its stand £2 from todays carboot sale, and the two chairs with cushions for £5 - from same carboot sale! Chair cushions are a bit faded and have seen better days but hey! I am mostly going to sit on them in my gardening clothes, and for £5 - its something comfy to sit on! There is no way I could afford brand new chairs, and you know what - I wouldn't pay that much for something that in all probability is going to get rained on!
I suppose the Steamer chair was an exception, but only because I got it really, really cheap on Ebay.

Hubby P has done a Quality Control Test on the chairs - and Yes! his highly developed, comfort rating skill, built into his posterior says Yes! they are very comfy - definitely a fivers worth of comfort!

And just a pretty picture of Mr Sunshine! This is a little set of Childrens table linen, its so cute, thought I would just show you. It came in one of the aforementioned boxes, with some glassware I wanted. Its now on ebay - I need to replenish the Monopoly money!

Take care x Ta Ta for now xx

Friday, 8 May 2009

Who Said It Was Easy Being Green???

Hello there! Hope all's well with you.
Just a bit of 'this and that' today.
Can you see our baby Tadpoles, the pond seems full of them, so nice to watch them develop over the weeks. Then its a case of watching where you put your feet, as they leave the pond to make their way in the world!
This has got to be my bargain of the week, I found at the carboot sale for £4! Of course I snapped it up - Hubby P was not in sight, despite the fact that he was the one who would have to carry it to the car and do any repairs. But I just 'Knew' he would be pleased!
His enthusiasm was somewhat 'luke warm' - he sometimes takes a while to see the potential in a thing! When He hove into view I met him with -
'Its just the think to sit out at the table to eat lunch' - I gushed!
'Its got rotten legs' - he said!
Not to be beaten I said 'That's a minor problem, I am sure you can easily fix it up - You are so good at that sort of thing! - and anyway I've bought it!'
A look of 'something' crossed his face!

Once we got it home and had a good old look at it, he said it would be easy to unscrew the legs and replace them - he even had some wood stashed away that would do (a bit like us girls with our fabric stashes - Hubby P has a wood stash!).

I was just inside at this point - keeping up with the demand for hot mugs of Tea!

Here it is new legs and I sort of rubbed it down a bit with some sandpaper.

And gave it a couple of coats of stain, the former red colour shows through a bit, but it doesn't worry me - its something to sit on, and for £4 that's good enough!

Found this pretty little book too, its actually a Blotter ( pages of blotting paper for use with ink pens). The pretty bird print is of a kind of raised card, I wondered if it had once been the top of a chocolate box and just stuck on to the Blotter.

The Threads are unusual, there are quite a few of them, they came in their original box. They are different colours of Laundry thread. I imagine that the big old Laundries used them to mark and differentiate between customers laundry items. As I said I have a box full, so in the spirit of not hording things I will keep some and put some on Ebay - so keep an eye out if you just feel the urge for some Laundry thread!
I just thought they are nice to display amongst my sewing things - the Kids think I am mad I'm sure - more junk!

Talking of junk - look what I found at Tuesdays carboot sale. A whole heap of beads and jewelry making stuff. Those two cardboard boxes behind are just full, as are all the little trays in the cabinet thingies, and the tins and whatnots!

I was in luck, just as I stood in the middle is a heap of boxes, having a good old nosey in them, the stall holder was still unloading his van, and put down these boxes right in front of me. I could see right away they were full of goodies - he ( the stall holder) had cleared an old house and this was, or had been someones craft stash. Well more than that, there is so much - not only beads but all the wires and thread and whatnot to make jewelry on a big scale.
I stood in the midst of this sea of boxes, guarding my little heap with my life, whilst I frantically waved at hubby P to come and help! I must have looked a little like a 'Lady in Distress' because one or two Gents asked if they could help! Either that or I looked like an interesting Loony!

When I got them home - well! there is just Sooo much stuff! I have sorted most of it out, I will keep some - really nice jade beads, old crystal, glass beads, ceramic beads all sorts! But a lot of the stuff I will never use - like Hubby P said 'Just how many beads does a Girl need in a lifetime?'
So good old Ebay - I wonder if beads sell well? There are a huge amount of wooden beads, the sort that were popular in the 1970/80's (I think they are probably from then) - do you remember when Macrame' was all the rage, and the beads were interwoven with the string to make hangings and whatnot?

I have kept just one of the cabinet thingies, to house all the particularly nice beads, and it stands rather well in my sewing corner. Hubby P wanted one - well he did say 'I will have the cabinets to keep my little tacks and screws in' - I said 'Not on your life!' So we 'compromised' - I let him have one!
I can't wait to have a go with my beads - so that's settled then- bracelets all round for Christmas!

On a Green theme
- how to dispose of you kitchen scraps - my chickens just love a good old bowl of 'mash'. I keep all my veg peelings and give them a bit of a boil up so they are nice and soft, drain, and add a bit of old bread, or porridge oats to 'dry off' the mash, and serve it up to them - they like it nice and warm! especially in winter!

Here they are tucking in! I am sure it helps the eggs taste nice and it helps cut down on the amount of bought in food they eat - a saving there because Hen food costs quite a bit.

This seems to have been a long Post - hope I haven't bored you too much - thanks for sticking with it!!
Have a nice Weekend xx Take care xx